House On The Hill.

 It was such a beautiful day on Thursday Chuck and I decided to walk downtown and take a few photos of some of the old homes. This house has always fascinated us. The bottom half is very old stone with the second floor being totally different stone. The porch side of the house is facing to the side yard.The house, called Springbank, due to the many springs in the area, was quite a bit larger when it was built. Built in 1853 by lumber merchant James Cumming the house sits on the rise of a hill overlooking the Bay of Quinte. The original main house is gone leaving this section with another house built in front blocking the view of the Bay.
This window appears to be very old. I assume it is a bathroom window. The house sits just a couple of feet from the sidewalk.
This is the view the original house would have had. Gorgeous in the summer! I spotted some Chinese Lanterns in the old garden. Pretty even in the winter.
These windows are attic windows in a house across the street from the stone house. I see that they are meant to open. So interesting!
I posted a photo a while back of this house but I couldn't resist taking another. The house is divided up into a number of apartments. Remarkable all the woodwork has been preserved.
The male cardinal has been visiting everyday. Beautiful spot of colour on these dreary winter days!
Both the cardinals look rather grumpy in this photo.
Here's lovely Oreo. What a sweet old girl. She's 15 now and moves very stiffly and slowly.
Toby is a big goof. He is really missing his parents. He loves to stuff all his toys under the couch and watch me dig them out!
This was the sky last night. The moon is right in the middle with stars all around. It was so clear and cold last night.

My poor Mum continues to have health issues. She fell a couple of nights ago and is in hospital now. She broke a rib (third time now) and is having a little trouble breathing so they want to watch her for a few days.She is alert and in good spirits.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Your mum didn't get out today? Poor woman. The boys are sending purrs!

    I love the history of old homes, so wish the walls could talk. :-)

    Great shots of Mr. Cardinal and Toby and Oreo. The cats' parents will be home soon, and I know you're spoiling them with lots of love and attention. It's super to have trustworthy neighbours (i.e. you and Chuck).

    Have a good evening and stay warm. Today was the first time that I've felt sick and tired of the cold -- and we've not even had that much winter!

    1. No she didn't Kim. Bob called and the doctor wants her to stay for a couple more days.
      Toby was in a better mood when we went over an hour ago. He ate and played hard with his toys. He actually bussed me which is something he has never done.
      The cold was bitter today. I froze on our morning walk but it was better for our afternoon walk.
      Take care Kim and thanks again for calling last night.

  2. Oh your poor mom. I hope she recovers her health and strength very quickly.

    I love the pics of the old houses. So full of interesting detail. So different from what we now build. The odd windows and the fancy exterior woodwork. I'd love to live in just such a house.

    I just went to check on the Chinese Lantern plant that I bought just last year to see if my "flowers" or whatever they are, had skeletonized (?) like the one in your pic but no, they haven't. I do know that this plant should be contained in a pot because it spreads very quickly!

    1. Thanks G.M. We hope so to!
      The old homes are gorgeous, but we have so many in various states of disrepair. It is sad.
      I remember my parents having Chinese Lanterns and them spreading all over the garden.
      Take care and I hope you are feeling better!

  3. Praying your Mom recovers the old house and I particularly love Oreo! catchatwithcarenandcody

  4. that's my type of houses, just love them. Hope to buy one just like it in the next couple of years.

    1. It is a beautiful house but sadly not in great shape.

  5. Cardinals are so pretty and make a beautiful splash of color during every season.
    So sorry to hear your mum fell again. I will add her to my prayer list.


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