What A Difference A Day Makes.

 We have had a benign winter so far but that abruptly ended today. I took the above photo of a female cardinal on Sunday. It poured rain for most of the day. I went out and did some errands and only wore my light spring rain coat, it was so mild. The weather people were predicting some stormy days to come this week so I stocked up on groceries.
 I took this photo of the mourning doves on Monday. We did receive a little dusting of snow but nothing really.
 Junco eating some sunflower seeds I put by the edge of the deck steps.
 Tippy enjoying some sunflower seeds.
 Ominous looking clouds over The Bay of Quinte.
 A starling stopped by briefly to eat. We don't see them very often at the feeders.
 A whole different story this morning. This was taken before it got too bad. We did manage to do our hour walk this morning but by the time we got back we were pretty drenched from the driving snow.
 The mourning doves hung around the yard all day.
 As did a female cardinal.
 I took this photo just after lunch. The winds really were starting to pick up and we were getting quite a few snow squalls.
 The mourning doves and junco tucked up in the pine tree.
 I don't know how she stayed on the feeder. The wind was very strong!
 As you can see here.
 The three mourning doves came down out of the pine tree around three o'clock and had a snack.
 I noticed this mourning dove a few days ago. It looks like she has had some sort of injury. She eats and flies well so hopefully it isn't serious.
A peek of the sun through a snow spattered window. It didn't last long. It has clouded over again and the wind is whipping all the snow around. We are staying tucked up in the house and don't need to go anywhere in the car until Friday. We are fortunate to live in a small town where everything is pretty well reachable by walking so if we need anything we can walk.

My Mum is going in for cataract surgery on Thursday. We are all very hopeful for a good outcome as she has been living in a fog for the last six months. Very hard for someone who loves to read as she does.

Take care!


  1. We've had a very mild winter so far, one of the warmest on record, though very wet. It's due to change though, and it's definitely getting colder. Your birds must be so grateful for you xx

    1. Hi Cheryl, hopefully you don't get too cold!
      Take care.

  2. I'm amazed all the critters hung around anyway, it was nasty out today! I'm also impressed you were able to walk! I slogged through the snow only for about 50 minutes or so all told and it was hard going, quite the workout.

    Best of luck to your mum; all fingers and paws are crossed that everything goes well.

    1. It is surprising how many birds come out in a storm. I have to get out everyday and walk. It has to be really bad for me not to go. The sidewalks were not cleared off but the roads were plowed so we walked on the roads.
      Thanks for your good wishes for my Mum. I will find out on Friday how it went.

  3. Love your nature photos! It is bitter here in the Detroit area as it is by you. I have heard fabulous things about cataract surgery and I think you are going to be THRILLED with it!

    1. Thanks Caren! We listen to a Detroit radio station every morning so I always hear what weather you are getting.

  4. Winter weather sure is hard on the poor birds. Keep safe and warm in your cozy house(that hopefully doesn't smell like paint any more).

    Hope your Mom's cataract surgery goes as well as everyone that I've heard about who have had it.

    1. This weather is so hard on the birds. I couldn't imagine not feeding them. I have been doing it my whole life!
      Today is sunny but very cold. We are supposed to get more snow tonight.
      Thanks for the kind words about my Mum. We are very hopeful she will see so much better.

  5. Definitely looks like winter! Brrrr!

  6. tell your mum good luck with the surgery, it will be a blessing when she can see again. Which hospital is doing the surgery?

    1. Bomanville Hospital, where she lives. She will be very happy to see again!

  7. I was just visiting Henny Penny and I read your comment. Was yesterday really your birthday? And you never mentioned it? Anyway, a very happy belated birthday!!!


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