I Got The Spring Fever Blues.

The weather the last few days has definitely been Spring like. And look who popped by for a visit, Butterscotch! He looks very plump and healthy. He spent 10 minutes or so chasing after a black squirrel and then disappeared.
We have been having gorgeous skies both morning and night.
Red sky in morning didn't result in any rain that day!
It is hard to believe it is February the 4th. This time last year it was very cold and snowy. The photo above looks like Summer.
Ms. Tippy is becoming rather tame. I was out tidying up under the feeders and I saw her running across the neighbours yard. She waited about 10 feet away while I filled the feeders. I leave peanuts around the yard and she went around and ate them all. Smart squirrel!
Today has been sunny and 4C or around 39F. We have been enjoying long walks every day. I know eventually winter will return but it will be very short. This pair of mourning doves were sunning themselves for a couple of hours this morning in the side yard. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny too. I have lots of errands to do so I will enjoy being out.

Take care and have a good weekend.


  1. We actually saw the sun for a few hours today but at this moment it's back to a light drizzle.
    I've always seen Mourning Doves sitting on power lines, never ever on the ground. Might be because you sprinkle food around. I'd try that but it could attract dreaded rats!

    1. We have been blessed with a few sunny days now. It is lovely!
      Jeepers, I never thought about rats! I haven't seen any. Hopefully I won't!

  2. That is sooo cool! I have never seen a squirrel that color! Love that you call him "Butterscotch"!

    1. Thanks Caren! Not a very original name but it seemed to suit him!

  3. Butterscotch does look good, but then so does Ms Tippy! :-) It's an easy winter for the critters, over and above all the food you put out.

    Wasn't it just gorgeous today? My wall cabinet came unexpectedly, so I took a taxi home, had thought to walk part way. Our Feb Fest starts today, and the mild temps have cancelled the outdoor skating and the ice sculpture competition, but since I don't do winter, I really don't care. LOL.

    Enjoy your day tomorrow!

    1. It has been a fantastic winter for all creatures, two and four legged!
      It has been so lovely the last few days. Even today it is nice just a little cooler.
      There was a winter carnival last weekend in the next little town over and a number of activities had to be cancelled because of the lack of snow. I felt bad for them but not for too long!
      Take care!

  4. Butterscotch does look pretty plump. You feed him well. : )
    Love those mourning doves.

    1. All critters are pretty spoiled here!
      I take WAY too many photos of mourning but they are such beautiful, delicate birds I can't help it!
      Have a great weekend Karen.

  5. I can't believe what pretty squirrels you have there. I've got to remember to show Poppy. I've missed some of your posts lately. :( I love the quilt you got for the oil lamps, and the old fashioned look in you bedroom!

    1. We are very over-run with all the pretty squirrels! We have had such a mild winter so far I imagine so many more will survive than normally would in a typical winter.
      You have been so busy with your new baby it's remarkable all you get done in your day.
      Thanks for your kind words about my new quilt. The bedroom is actually our guest room. We purchased the antique bedroom set 27 years ago for our fifth wedding anniversary and slept on it for the next 20 years. It is a double, a small one, so we upgraded to a new queen set 7 years ago but I couldn't get rid of the old set so it became our guest bedroom set.


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