An absolutely beautiful sunrise this morning. I did not fiddle with the colour in this photo. It only lasted a brief amount of time and was gone. We got up early to go for our walk and I opened the curtains and saw this. We were supposed to get a quick snowstorm today but nothing so far.
Not so a few days ago. Lots of visitors at the feeders. The male downy woodpecker….
followed by the female. The little patch of red on the back of the head is the only difference, I believe.
A starling! We just don't see them too often at this house. He briefly ate some suet and was gone.
A windblown mourning dove perched up in the tree.
Mr. Cardinal and his toothpick legs.
Yesterday we finally had a sunny day. I took this photo of the mourning doves later in the afternoon.
Squecky made a quick visit. We haven't observed him at the feeders in a while.
Ms. Tippy stayed for a long time. I went out and put a large handful of peanuts around the yard for her and I think she found them all.
My other favourite neighbourhood dog, Bracken. Such a sweetie!
 Today is very dreary and warming up quite a bit. Tomorrow we are to get rain showers.
I LOVE muffins! But I don't have much luck making them. I have two recipes that work for me and I  make them often. I wanted to try another recipe so today was the day. Very easy to make as the blender does most of the work.
They turned out well and taste great. (Kim, I will bring you some next time we come.) The recipe comes from a Harrowsmith (if you are Canadian you will know what I mean ) Cookbook. I may be more adventurous now and try a few more recipes.

This morning on the news I heard that vegetable prices are up 18.2% over this time last year here in Canada and fruit is up 12% in the same time period. A few days ago I read an article about workplace pensions and how few people have them anymore. Thankfully as Chuck served 31 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force we do have his pension as well as a disability pension from his injuries he received while serving. I just read an article about a 72 year old lady living on Prince Edward Island who receives $1200.00 a month in pensions. She is making it but just barely. I worry about various family members who have no pensions and no savings. How will they survive in old age????? Friends tease us about being so frugal and not eating out or buying new clothes etc……  I grew up in a frugal Mennonite home so I guess it is in my bones!

Well, that's my rant over with. I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Take care.


  1. I love the look on Ms. Tippy's face. She seems to think the peanut she's eating is an ecstatic, uplifting experience.

    The bird photos are beautiful, as always. Do the birds have a difficult time eating the frozen suet?

    1. Thanks! I so enjoy taking all these photos!
      The birds have no trouble eating the suet. They just peck away at it until a piece comes off.
      Have a nice weekend!

  2. Your photos just get better and better, great shots in your post today!

    We had a gorgeous sky this morning too: Red sky in the morn', sailors be warned! I took a couple of snapshots with the pocket camera, this post has reminded me that I have them.

    The muffin recipe looks yummy and even better, pretty easy. Maybe I ought to invest in a good food processor or at least blender, to do stuff like this and save myself the work. (Yeah, like I'd use any cooking appliance more than once or twice.)

    Maybe you guys need to look for a place with a legal apartment...Where am I going to live in another decade, that I can afford??? :-D (I wrote that tongue-in-cheek, I hope you realize!)

    1. Thanks Kim, you are so kind.
      I couldn't believe how red the sky was and so brief.
      My blender is a yard sale find from 20+ years ago. It just has two speeds and works great.
      You know you are always welcome where ever we are Kim! You would be one of the few people I could live with in close proximity.
      Talk soon.

  3. We had the same sky here this morning and ours too only lasted a couple of minutes.
    I love the row of mourning doves.
    those muffins sure look good.

    1. I saw your sky photo Karen. Funny how we both saw it!
      The mourning doves were enjoying the last of the sun, something we won't see again here for a couple days.
      The muffins are delicious!

  4. I'm definitely going to try that muffin recipe.

    I've noticed how the price of groceries has risen. I shop specials since 3 major stores are close by. I'm another frugal person and our decision to arrange our house to accommodate 3 generations has worked very well for all concerned. I realize it wouldn't work for everyone.

    1. Hope you enjoy the muffins.
      We shop a few grocery stores too. The one I do most of our shopping at Price Matches as long as you bring the ad from the other grocery store. That is very helpful as some of the other grocery stores are 10-15 minute drive away.
      Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Those are such great pictures of the different birds. I would love to have some bird feeders around here but don't dare because of all the cats.
    The pictures of the squirrel are just too cute. We know she is enjoying those peanuts. Take good care.

  6. I love your cardinal picture!! And wow!...wasnt that pink sky so beautiful!!?


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