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Ms. Tippy
The past two weeks have been rather crazily busy around our house. We have gone through each room in our house and de-cluttered.

There is a reason behind the de-cluttering. A little background information first. We purchased our current home in July of 2014. At that time we had lived in our previous home for 10 years but it no longer was what we wanted.
At that time our kitty Sam was 12 years old. It has always been our dream to move to Vancouver Island. We knew we would never be able to drive 10 days across Canada with Sam as she is terrible in the car. So it was decided we would move within our town and after Sam passed way then we would move to Vancouver Island. We thought we would have her for another 5 years or so. The day before we moved into our current home she passed away. We were devastated.
But we continued on and have renovated this house top to bottom in the last 18 months. We love this house but Vancouver Island is still calling!
So in the past two weeks we have had a moving company rep come in and inventory all of our stuff and give us a price for moving. This past week our real estate agent came over, assessed the house and came up with a selling price. It turned out to be quite a bit more than we thought which is a good thing!
So now we are having to make a decision very shortly whether we want to list the house or not. Chuck has an opportunity to work for 4 1/2 months at his old job starting at the end of March. If he does that we won't sell and move this year. I am rather impulsive so I say Yeah, let's move! Chuck is more cautious and weighs the pro's and con's.
It would be a totally different life for us. One of the big pluses is very mild winters. Granny Marigold lives out there and on her walk today she saw a hummingbird. A hummingbird! In February!
Chuck and I, as you know, love to go for long walks everyday. Can you imagine not having to slip and slide on ice and snow?
One of the con's is leaving a new friend. We are just getting to know her and I don't know if I want to leave her yet. She is dealing with some unpleasant things and I would like for us to be here to offer some help.
After a rocky relationship with Chuck's brother for a number of years we have reconnected and are enjoying this too. And there is my Mum too although my brother takes wonderful care of her.
So for the next few days we are going nowhere, having no one visit so we can just concentrate on planning where we see our life going in the next two years.
As it is bloody cold out it won't be a problem staying home!
I discovered a new setting on my better digital camera (not my point and shoot) and what a difference it makes!  There still is life in this old camera.

Thank you for spending the time to read this post. It was a long one!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. All your photos are wonderful, Robin, hurrah for a newly-discovered setting on your old camera. It's a great camera, keep it! :-)

    Life is short and uncertain. Follow your hearts, go, live while you can. I'd miss getting to know you both better, but that's no reason to hesitate. If it feels like this is the right time, and you won't be stretched by the cost of the move (versus Chuck working for 4.5 months), why not go for it? :-)

    1. Thanks Kim! I was seriously thinking of getting a new camera. I am terrible, I should read the manuals that come with things.
      We are undecided whether or not to go this year. Our original plan was to leave in the summer of 2017 so that may still be.
      Talk soon!

  2. Beautiful photos as always. : )
    Love that mourning dove. Great shot!!
    You have a big decision to make. Lots of good reasons to stay or go.
    If it is your dream to live there, I say go for it.

    1. Thanks Karen! I am loving my old camera again!
      We will get to Vancouver Island one way or another.
      Have a great weekend!

  3. Another post with exquisite photos...they are so beautiful! Saw a bit of Vancouver Island last year, mainly Victoria, and loved it! The garden beds in the streets and public places were just gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Maria. It is easier to have great photos when the subject matter is beautiful.
      Where we are looking to move is a bit north of Victoria.
      Enjoy your weekend!

  4. I agree that you both should listen to your hearts........and...if it is meant to be, it will be........you won't be able to stop it. Your photos are glorious! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Hi Caren. I agree with you. If something is meant to be, it will.
      Have a good weekend and stay warm!

  5. Exciting changes just may be happening. It's a big decision but if I read you correctly it's not a matter of whether to move but if now is the right time. Together you'll figure out the best way to deal with it I feel certain. Just think of the different birds you'll see daily and all the squirrels to befriend. Take care, my friend, and take your time to decide what's best.

    1. Hi G.M. yes you are right, it is just making the decision whether we move this year or next.
      I am very excited about seeing the different wildlife.
      Thank you for your wise words.
      Take care.

  6. Hey Robin, I read your post last night but didn't get to leave a comment. Your pictures are just beautiful. I love that fat little squirrel and the the cardinal in the third picture is so cute with those little legs...knee deep in snow. You must be so excited! It would be hard to wait for a whole year, when it is something you both really want. Of course, I have always been very impulsive.

    1. Hi Henny, I laughed when I downloaded the photos and saw the one of the cardinal with his toothpick legs. So skinny!
      We have a lot of planning and thinking to do before we make our final decision on whether to move this year or next. The weather here right now makes me want to go very shortly!
      Have a wonderful weekend.


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