Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wintertime Love.

I don't know if I have mentioned somewhere in this blog but Chuck and I met in the wintertime (January) of 1982. I am almost 4 years younger than Chuck so I had just finished high school. He was just about to start a college course after working for a few years. We both were dead broke (recession of 1982 so not many jobs) so many of our dates included going for long walks. I will always remember walking in the snow and falling in love.
Yesterday morning we had a few cm of snow so after we came back from our walk I went out back to clear under the bird feeders. The snow was very sticky so I thought I would build a snowman. I haven't built one in probably 20 years. I rolled all the sections and popped one on top of another,  put in a couple sticks for arms and went back in the house to make lunch. Meanwhile Chuck was shovelling the driveway. We had lunch and I looked outside and the snowman had toppled over. The sun had come out and down it went. Darn! Well, I had things to do and didn't think anymore about it. I was passing through the kitchen awhile later and looked out. Chuck was outside fixing the snowman. Sometimes this man drives me bananas ( I know I drive him bananas too!) but he is a sweetie.
Anyway, I took some photos during the storm.
Junco enjoying some seeds.
Digging in the snow.
The snow was short lived as the sun came out and the temperature went up.
I counted 12 mourning doves under the feeders around supper time.
This morning was very sunny so Toby was put out to get some air. I finally managed a decent  far away photo of him. He actually looked at me when I called his name!
We are still continuing to de-clutter. This is a book I will not be getting rid of! I have had it for 20 years or so and try to read it once a year. It reminds me that we can live very well with much less. It was written in 1980 but still very relevant today. I have her cookbook too which is another very interesting read.
Here is the next pile heading to the Bibles For Missions Thrift Store. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now. The car was already loaded up with another load which we took to Value Village this morning.
I took the camera along for the first time in a long time. It was beautifully sunny when we left. This is the barn just down the road from us.
No snow here! Now the weather people are talking about a snow drought here in Ontario. No real snow is coming for at least the next two weeks although we are supposed to get quite cold this weekend. When Chuck shovelled the driveway yesterday morning he dumped all the snow in our flower gardens to cover up the perennials and give them some protection from the cold.
I just took my little point and shoot camera this morning and I was fiddling with the settings. I found one that lets me zoom in even more. This lovely farm is actually quite a distance away from the road.
Very ancient stone barn.
Lots of red barns in this area.
I love the window at the top of the barn.
By the time we pulled off of the highway at our exit the clouds had rolled in. They didn't stick around long.  An hour later the sun was back out. We went for an hour long walk in just our spring coats. This has been a crazy winter weather wise.

If you read this whole post, Thanks! It was a long one.

Take care and have a great week!


  1. That was a lovely and loving thing Chuck did, with the snowman. Snowperson? :-)

    I think we all could live more with less. It's such a consumer culture we live in. Buy, buy, buy, nothing built or made to last so we have to buy more...Good for you both for decluttering. You know how much I love to declutter!

    I love the mild weather we've been having. I don't know why so many are fussing about the lack of snow. If you melted a huge pail of snow you wouldn't get much water out of it. Better to have a (gentle) rainy spring! Plus, the people I hear on the news or other media who are working themselves into a drought frenzy seem to have forgotten the two previous BRUTAL winters we had.

    Anyway, have a lovely afternoon and evening and thanks again for the ear...and the reassurance (Chuck). :-)

    1. It started out as a snow lady and that probably added to the stability problem. It ended up being a snowman after Chuck was done with it!
      Kim, you are my inspiration for de-cluttering! Your home is so serene and not cluttered.
      Every year we seem to have some weather related catastrophe. This year is the snow drought.
      We are heading out for another walk shortly so as not to waste the mild weather. I loved chatting to you. Did you see we talked for 1 hour 10 minutes? The time flew by!
      Take care.

  2. That was so sweet of Chuck to fix your snowman. Your pictures are always great! I've never seen a big green barn before...only big red barns. :)

    1. He is a sweetie! Thanks for your kind words about my photos.
      We seem to have many different coloured barns here. I love the old ones best.
      Take care.

  3. You certainly are doing a lot of de-cluttering! That's an impressive stack in the corner.
    That little window in the barn reminded me of a barn out in the country around here that had a Barn Owl that came out just such a window at dusk. We would sometimes drive out and park nearby with that barn window in sight just to see the Owl swoop down over the fields. It was awesome.
    Sadly that barn was torn down to make way for yet another monster house.

    1. How fortunate you were to be able to see a Barn Owl in its natural habitat! So much natural places are lost to monster housing developments. So sad.
      Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Like the green barn, don't see many green ones.
    Nice that Chuck fixed your snowman. : )
    Hope your mum is doing better.

    1. Hi Karen, My Mum is holding her own. This being her third fall she seems to take a step back each time but she plugs along. Thanks for asking.

  5. The snowman was cute, and I can so relate to finally getting that photo of a cat who doesn't want to be photographed :)

    Decluttering, yes, I need to do that.. I know i don't neeeed all of the stuff I have, and if I ever come across a need, I can generally buy it and not let it rent space in my life.. but it is so darn hard.

    1. Toby is a hard one to photograph as he is always moving. I was very happy to get that photo!
      We have moved many times but always with my husband's job so the moves were paid for. Now our next move we will have to pay for every pound of STUFF! So out it goes!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Lovely photos of the wildlife and a beautiful photo of the magnificent Toby! Your decluttering sounds as though you're making great progress. Since I retired in 2011, I have been decluttering, with some results, but my craft materials are out of control again! Lol

    1. Hi Maria, thanks for stopping by! I LOVE taking photos of all the wildlife in our area and sharing them with you all.
      We continue to de-clutter but the end is in sight.
      Take care.

  7. Hi Robin! I enjoyed the romantic "how we met" story and i can sure see how snow would sure take you back and remind you of falling in love.

    1. Good day! Glad you enjoyed my brief story. It seems so long ago now.
      Take care and have a good weekend!


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