It Might As Well Be Spring.

I know the calendar still says it is Winter but it sure feels like Spring.
Look who woke up from his long winter nap. Chippy!
So much activity at the feeders.
This photo was taken a couple days ago. Nothing left of the suet cake now. I put a fresh one in.
I took this last Friday when we still had a bit of snow.
Daily visitor along with the female.
Love mourning doves!
Enjoying a dried cranberry.
The Red Winged Blackbirds are constantly at the feeders.
Goodness! I guess the fleas are bad this year!
Busy, busy!
A female Hairy Woodpecker. They look very similar to the Downy Woodpecker, the only real difference is their size. The Hairy Woodpeckers are bigger.
Yesterday was such a nice day we walked downtown in the morning. We also visited one of our parks. This is Centennial Park right on the Bay of Quinte.
Some ice is still on the Bay so the geese we walking around on it. They also were slipping and sliding which was funny to watch!
These two Swans were napping in one of the inlets. Still very icy there.

I haven't seen Ms. Tippy, Jean Luc or Butterscotch in a few days. Not normal as they were daily visitors. I hate to think what may have happened to them.

I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Your feeders are busier than ever. Fingers crossed the regulars are okay. Maybe they're at someone else's buffet for the moment. Nice to see those swans, plus Mr or Ms Rabbit!

    I still haven't seen a robin, though hear them singing every morning. Still lots of geese migrating too.

    I was thinking on Friday, as I was running around buying carpet, doing errands, etc., that I've not had a day off that didn't involve work in the house in so long I can't recall. I'd love to go somewhere with my camera, take pics, but I don't seem to be able to make that happen. I hope that once the house stuff is taken care of that will change; it would be nice to have one day a week to bird watch, smell the flowers, etc. At least I'm looking forward to April 12th! :-)

    1. Hi Kim, I would like to think the squirrels have just moved on. Bizarre all three are gone.
      I hear the robins very early in the morning, also the mourning doves hoo-hooing.
      You have had a very busy time the last two months. I am really looking forward to you coming!
      Take care.

  2. That poor squirrel! Does it have an allergy to flea bites, or maybe mange?

    1. Probably both of those things. He is probably the worst I've ever seen. Our winter was so mild for the most part I imagine the fleas really didn't die off as they usually do.

  3. Poor flea bitten squirrel. Besides that pic the rest are great. You got a good pic of the Woodpecker. They tend to take off at the slightest 'threat'.
    Hope your regulars show up soon and let you know they're okay.

    1. So many of the squirrels are looking terrible this year.
      The woodpeckers are very skittish. This photo was the best of the 10 I took. Most were blurry.
      I just spied Jean Luc at the feeder so one of the regulars is back!

  4. Lots a backyard critters. : )
    Like the swans. Such beautiful creatures.

  5. Hi there ... I've just come across from Blogoratti's blog.

    Lots of lovely photo's to look at and Centennial Park looks great.

    All the best Jan

  6. I think you're a little ahead of us. I've heard the red wings call but still haven't seen them here. No chippy yet. Still have too much hard packed snow. And I hear cooler nights this week. Good for the maple syrup producers. Bring on spring!

    1. Hi Ronna, the blackbirds have been back here for 10 days or so.
      It hasn't been the best maple syrup year here this year. Too warm.
      Have a good week!

  7. I really enjoy sweet little Chippy! He is adorable and sure looks ready for spring and summer! Looks like he has grown?

    1. Chippy is the same size. I just got a very good closeup of him.
      Have a good day!


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