It's Time.

My Favourite Antique Store is closing! The owners sent out the word on Facebook a week ago. Chuck and I went down to visit and learned they are planning on retiring and doing some travelling. They aren't having any luck selling the business but will stay open until the end of May. Everything (well, almost) in the store was 20% off. Much of the furniture was already gone as their prices were very good to begin with. I thought I would just share with you a few of my favourite things . I love these old green (blue?) canning jars! I own a couple already and may go back and purchase a couple more.
Beautiful set of china. Not expensive and had some nice extra pieces.
A bread dough maker. I remember one in my grandmother's kitchen.
You may remember I love this Pyrex pattern. I shared many pots of tea with my Aunt Betty in a very similar pot.
Kim, I thought of you when I saw this Fruit Mill. I haven't seen one of these in years.
Lovely blouse and skirt set. From a time when you wore petticoats underneath. It was very sheer!
I love old watering cans. I have a neighbours that is from the 1920's.
The cutest little hutch for kids. I would have loved something like this when I was a little girl.
And my favourite painting is still there. It wasn't 20% off the $125.00 price tag. I will check periodically and see if it has been reduced. There are a few more antique stores in the area. I really liked this one as it is very large with an interesting mix of antiques.
Do you remember Bald Bluejay? Look at him now! Gorgeous!
The next few photos are from a few days ago when we received a bit of snow. The other squirrels were chasing Ms. Tippy and she tumbled in the snow. She got right back up and found a peanut to snack on.
Jean Luc and Butterscotch enjoying some sunflower seeds.
She is so pretty!
Look at the size of this squirrel!
Sorry so dark but I took this early this morning. A red winged blackbird! At the beginning of March! I don't recall ever seeing them this early. I heard his call and ran for the camera. The males come back first.
Jean Luc scaling the sunflower feeder pole.

We spent a very pleasant day with Kim yesterday. We always talk non-stop and have a good time. She made us a scrumptious lunch including her yummy fruit sauce. Nicki and Derry were sweeties as usual. It was lovely to cuddle a cat again. Kim has been doing some renovations to her home. Everything looks lovely.

We are having a warm spell right now. More like early April then March. Hopefully not for too long. I worry about all the fruit trees in this area (farmer's grand-daughter in me!). If they start to come out and we get a freeze that would be disastrous. Quite a bit of the local apple crop was destroyed last year from a late freeze.

Enjoy your week!


  1. Mom had that Pyrex pattern, even the teapot if memory serves (at least someone had it around when I was growing up!). Love the fruit mill...that's for making serious batches of applesauce or whatever. LOL. My fruit sauce was a bit too tart for my taste this time, but oh well.

    Maybe you could talk the store owners into a good deal on the cat painting?

    Baldy isn't bald anymore, that's for sure. He looks stunning, and no doubt just in time for upcoming mating season. :-D

    Tippy is a cutie, but Butterscotch definitely is the looker in the group. She could be a squirrel model. :-)

    Take care, have a lovely afternoon. I'm looking forward to being outside in the sunshine and warm temps (but am anxious about going home).

    1. I seriously thought of buying the fruit mill. I want to make fruit sauce the way you make it. Chuck loved your sauce yesterday. He said it was delicious!
      If the painting is still there much longer I think I will ask what their best price is.
      Butterscotch is looking a little dirty now due to all the mud. By summer time she looks much cleaner.
      You should not be anxious to walk in and out of your own home. I hate that you are going through this!
      Take care.

  2. I would love to look in that antiques store. I need one of those food mills. Mama had one and she used it for getting the seeds out of ripe persimmons. That Butterscotch is so pretty!

    1. It is a fabulous store! Food Mills have been around a long time. I should go back and get it.
      Butterscotch is beautiful.

  3. What's a fruit mill? Was it used for pulverizing fruit before food processors were invented?

    I too associate the "onkaa-reeeee" call of male red-wing blackbirds with spring. I've missed those little guys.

    1. A fruit-food mill can be used for a number of things. One of them being making applesauce. I guess you would say it is a precursor to a food processor.
      I wait every year for the redwing blackbirds to come back.

  4. I'd love a walk through the antique store. I too like old watering cans and have a few of them.
    Nice to see the now handsome blue jay!!

    1. Hi Karen, you all should come up and we can pay a visit to the antique store!
      I would love to see your watering cans sometime.
      Squecky (formerly Bald Bluejay) does look great.

  5. It's probably a good thing I don't live anywhere close to your going-out-of-business thrift store. That lovely set of dishes would come home with me for sure. I still have that Corningware teapot as well as the one with harvest pattern in gold colours.
    I actually gave my food mill away years ago but got good use out of it when I made endless amounts of applesauce. You just washed the apples and cooked them. When they went through the food mill the cores, peel, etc. all stayed behind. Very handy.
    I think the reason your squirrels are so big is because you feed them so well !

    1. I am the same G.M! I had to remember we are trying to downsize and I don't need anymore stuff.
      I spoil all the critters way too much!

  6. All the memories that those lovely items in the antique shop bring them! Love the photos of the creatures that share your garden...such beautiful animals.

    1. Thanks Maria, it is pretty well continual at the feeders so I have lots of opportunities to take photos.

  7. I'd go bankrupt if an antiques shop around here went out of business and sold all their merchandise at reduced prices. We have a few antiques shops here but the antiques are pretty common, and very expensive.

    1. I really had to restrain myself from buying! I would have a house filled with antiques if I could afford it. We are blessed to have inherited a few antiques which we treasure.


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