"Backroad Song."

We had a busy weekend this past weekend with road trips both days.
Saturday was spent in Napanee visiting the town and the graveyard where many of my Mum's relatives  are buried. I did a post about out last visit here.
Gratuitous cute critter photos .
Gorgeous day for a road trip. We took the main highway (401) down. We left pretty early and didn't encounter much traffic,
I know I have posted a photo of these hydro towers before but I find them so interesting.
We spotted this lady and her horses on the outskirts of Napanee.
We  visited everyone at the graveyard and had a lovely walk as it is right beside the Napanee River. This is a photo of my Great Grandfathers house he built by hand. The current owners take such wonderful care of it.
Yesterday being Father's Day I thought a lot about my Dad. This photo was taken in the early 1970's on a trip to Quebec City. Take away the camera case and my Dad looks like a hitman! Don't you love the sunglasses???
Sunday was spent in Bomanville visiting my Mum. We again took the 401 down because we left late and wanted to get there quickly. This curve always reminds me of the winding roads in Vermont. Gorgeous in the Fall when the leaves are changing. Very treacherous in the Winter as it is very close to Lake Ontario and receives lots of snow.
My Mum was o.k. and we enjoyed visiting for a few hours. My brother keeps his house so cold in the Summer. My Mum had on a turtleneck, a sweatshirt and a shawl and was running a heater in her apartment. I popped on one of my Mum's coats and Chuck wrapped a blanket around his shoulders!
Lake Ontario with a boat in the distance. We came home along Highway 2 which is very picturesque. Another lovely day.
March, 2016.
This morning I drove Chuck to work as I have some errands to do. As we were about a block down the road I saw what I thought was a yellowish rag on the edge of the road. Sadly it wasn't. It was Butterscotch. Someone had killed her with their car. I felt sick. Sweet little squirrel.

Take care.


  1. Poor little Butterscotch, I'm so sorry, Robin. :-(

    I'm glad you had two good road trips, though, got to the cemetery and to see your mum.

    Lots of hugs...Looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend. I have trim now. And a couple of lengths of half-round for the areas like the patio door, front door, where baseboards can't be run.

    I do NOT have my couch--that's an error in ordering on their part. I do have a temporary love seat (same manufacturer) till the actual condo sofa gets here (boy, was I steaming mad!), and I have "full refund if not delivered by July 11 written and signed. PLUS, the inept delivery guys...Uncle Peter had to show them how to get the thing in the house. Seriously. I'd rather have the 1-800 junk guys bring my couch in, they at least had sense and seem to know what they're doing!

    1. We are looking forward to seeing you too Kim!
      What the heck is going on with Leon's??? We had really bad delivery guys from Home Depot deliver our appliances. We won't be buying anything more from them.
      Hope you had a good day in the County!

  2. Sounds like a great two days.
    So sad about Butterscotch.

  3. Poor Butterscotch and poor you. Finding her there must have upset you a lot. I know we're told NOT to swerve to avoid wildlife because it can endanger people in the other lanes but it's so so hard not to. I once swerved to avoid a cat and my baby who was in his cuddleseat beside me
    ( I know.. but this was 40 years ago!!) anyway he went flying onto the floor. Luckily he was unhurt. So was the cat. But it could have been a lot worse ending to this tale.

    1. Thanks G.M. it was hard to see her like that. I know she was just a squirrel but everyone in the neighbourhood knew her and enjoyed feeding her.
      When we were little, before seatbelts were commonly used, we were all driving in the car with my Dad. My brother was hanging out the open back window when my Dad swerved for a cat. My brother flew out the window, luckily landing in a grassy ditch so no damage was done. I couldn't even begin to count how many times I have slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting an animal!

  4. Oh no, that is so sad about Butterscotch. That must have been awful to find that little pretty squirrel. Sending lots of hugs.
    Your pictures were fantastic. Loved the one of the gal and her horses.


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