"Blast From The Past."

I was looking back at some photos from a year ago today and saw we had made a trip to Reid's Dairy. I thought I would share a few with you.
My Mum was coming for a visit the next day so we were out getting groceries and stopped by the dairy.
Butterscotch and friend were paying a visit to the feeders. Update on Butterscotch!!!!! As I was coming back yesterday morning from driving Chuck to work I spotted another Butterscotch! She was down the street at a friends who has many bird feeders in her front yard. So Butterscotch lives on.
This morning Mr. (Ms?) Rabbit was enjoying some peanuts and cranberries I put out. It stayed around for quite awhile.
Under the watchful eye of a squirrel.
Our Hydrangea (?) bush has so many blooms on it. It will be beautiful in a week or so.
Baby squirrel was eating some dried cranberries up in the tree. The black squirrels were putting the run on him so this was the safest place to eat.
We had a wonderful time at Kim's on the weekend. Early Sunday morning we went for a walk before it got too warm. Lovely neighbourhood Kim lives in. We met quite a few cats. This one was such a sweetie. Very elderly and very friendly. I was covered in kisses. Kim took this photo and the one below.
Kim's backyard is gorgeous with many perennials and annuals. She has two sweet cats who are able to enjoy this space safely because she has screening up over the fence. One of the braces had come loose. On the other side Kim bravely went up on the ladder and countersunk a new screw but we couldn't quite reach this screw so Chuck fixed it while I held the ladder.

Pretty quiet otherwise around our house. My friend Janice and I are having a Yard Sale on Saturday to clear out some STUFF.  It is shocking how quickly it accumulates!

Take care and have a good week.


  1. I love the blast from the past -- ducks and turtles! All you need is to get an owl photo. :-)

    It's wonderful Butterscotch lives on. I like that little white patch on the squirrel's shoulder!

    My favourite pic is the rabbit, Robin, what a great close up. I never can get that close, even with my best zoom. Terrific capture.

    Hey, I learned how to countersink a screw! It's true, you're never too old to learn something new. :-)

    My thanks to Chuck and to you! Good luck with the yard sale this weekend, you can make room for new stuff. After the move. LOL.

    1. That is a photo I have never been able to get is an owl photo. We had one that hoo-hooted outside our bedroom window in Nova Scotia but of course that was at night.
      Don't even joke about more stuff! It is crazy how two people can have so much of it!
      Take care and looking forward to you coming down.

  2. I love the picture of the ducks and turtles. Wonder what was so special about that spot? :) Butterscotch is just beautiful! That is a good picture of you holding the ladder.

    1. Thanks Henny! I may have replied twice to your comment. Something is hooey with blogger today.

  3. I did not know that rabbits ate peanuts. Now I do!!
    Good luck with the yard sale.

    1. They seem to enjoy many fruits and veggies too.
      Thanks for the good wishes concerning our yard sale. It has been about 20 years since I have had one.

  4. As a nature lover, this post makes me morning (it is morning here in Germany). That duck family is absolutely adorable :)

    1. Glad you stopped by. Always nice to meet another nature lover!


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