"Pack It Up."

Sam, the cat we meet most mornings on our walk.
Sky yesterday morning.
We are progressing along with our move. The bridge financing is in place and we received our move estimate. We are only having the furniture and washer moved by professionals. Chuck and I and a few friends are moving the rest.
Chuck is taking two weeks off and we will rent a small truck. A friend is lending us his small trailer so everything from the garage (lawnmower, generator, etc) can be moved that way.
It is starting to become very real now. Janice and I are having a Yard Sale next Saturday to clear our some extra STUFF.
Today the buyers of our home are coming for one of their two walk-thru's. So I have been madly cleaning and weeding the gardens!
We are off on another road trip this weekend. We will be visiting Kim and her boys. Looking forward to some girl time!
This was one of our neighbours trees early this morning. I love how the sun was just lighting it up.
A baby squirrel that has been hanging around. Hard to tell but he is still rather small.

It is Air Show weekend here in Trenton. The first Air Show in many years. Many vintage aircraft have been flying in. It has been very interesting to see them. The Show, over two days,  is so busy and packed with people. 120,00 are expected. Chuck somehow was put in charge of organizing the hook up of all the hydro needed for the displays and vendors. He is running from one end of the flight line to the other. I don't expect he will be home until late tonight.  In between he has been able to view most of the vintage aircraft. It will be crazy there all weekend.

Take care and have a good weekend!


  1. Wow, good luck to Chuck! The Snowbirds were practicing overhead when we were heading out for the staff lunch (Principal's yearly BBQ that wasn't a BBQ), and it was so cool to see them flying in such tight formation.

    Gosh, your yard sale had slipped my mind...You won't have a moment's peace until the fall, if then, what with all the packing at your current house and the move itself, then unpacking and any painting or whathaveyou. And coming up to visit (and work) here. That's just adding to your busyness, Robin.

    I love all your pics as usual. You'll have new critters to photograph, though, and lots of great areas for walking, once you're settled.

    Oh, one further thing re: all the stuff (yard sale): When Dad was here, he thought I might want to make a donation run (I'd never asked, because I have WAY too much stuff to even try via car). Anyway, I told him no, no need, I'd take care of it, but he wanted to take a look anyway. I opened the garage, he took one look and basically said forget it. LOL.

    1. I heard the snowbirds too. They are fantastic to watch.
      We will have a bit of a lull now in busyness once the yard sale is over. We enjoy coming up to see you Kim and you visiting us here.
      I imagine it will take some time for critters to come to feeders at our new home. They do have feeders there now. Hopefully they will continue to put out food until we move in.
      Very funny story about your Dad!
      See you!

  2. Lots of great critter shots.
    Sounds like things are moving along with the move. Lots of work to move but I always enjoy it. I know I'm crazy!!
    Hope things go smoothly for you.

    1. Thanks Karen. You and I both have had lots of experience moving! I can't say I enjoy it but it get easier each time.

  3. Your neighbour's tree with the sunshine on it looks most fallish.
    You sure are busy, busy, busy. Nice that you can get away from it for a day or two. Take care.

    1. The tree are really suffering here with our lack of rain. Quite a few green leaves are falling off.
      We had a wonderful time at Kim's. It was nice to get away!

  4. Wonderful pictures of the animals--you have a knack.

  5. Hope you had a great time with Kim and your photos are precious! Exciting times ahead! catchatwithcarenandcody

  6. Sounds like you've been really busy and more busy times ahead, moving is hard work xx

    1. It sure is Cheryl! We have had many kind offers of help so we should be fine.


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