"Summer Dress"

For the last few months I have been on the search for a vintage summer dress. I know I can purchase them on Ebay but I prefer to try something on before I purchase it. Chuck and I even drove an hour away to check a vintage clothing store. There were plenty of dresses but of course the ones I liked was rather expensive. Today I popped into Value Village and came across this dress. Not 1970's vintage but older none the less. I usually don't wear sleeveless dresses but I will do as Kim suggested and wear a light sweater with it.
I also found another denim skirt! I have this exact skirt but it is very worn as I wear it quite often. The slits are on the side so it is very comfortable and easy to walk in. This one is like new. I found one (another style) last Monday when Kim was here for the day too so I now have 5 denim skirts. I think that should do it!
Busy in the backyard with all the heat and humidity.
The mourning dove had just had a bath and was relaxing.
One of the Butterscotch's stopped by for a visit. Can you see behind her our poor maple is losing it's leaves? It looks like it is the middle of October. We are in a severe drought in our area.
Terrible shot but the cedar waxwings paid a quick visit to the birdbaths last evening.
I was awakened at 4:30 this morning by the thunder and lightening. I grabbed the camera and went outside. I couldn't see the actual forks of lightening, more so the sky just lit up. We have received some much needed rain but it isn't anywhere near the amount we need.

I have started packing! The dining room and guest room are now packed up in boxes. Our closing is three weeks today. Yikes! I know it will come up fast.

Well, I must go check outside to see if the heavy rain flattened any flowers.
Take care and have a good week!


  1. I love the dress you found, and the denim skirt. Dresses and skirts are my favorite! So glad you got some rain. I think it was last summer that we needed rain so bad that the Poplar leaves turned yellow and fell in July. A little too much rain is better than none. Hope you get more soon.

    1. Thanks Henny, I am quite pleased with them too! As I type this Chuck is outside raking leaves. This is crazy, should not be raking leaves in July! Send some rain up our way if you have any to spare!

  2. Those were great finds, congrats on them both!

    I think I'll come and fight the birds for the water in your bird baths. :-D

    I wish we'd had the rain you had, we don't seem to have gotten more than a mm or so. I'll see what our weather guy says on the news! Right now we're cooking. Who needs a sauna? Honestly, as much as I loathe the long, cold, miserable winters, I would take a good cold front right now.

    Take care, stay cool!

    1. Thanks Kim! Thrift store shopping is so hit and miss isn't it?
      I was raking the leaves before supper and goodness it was muggy! I felt like sticking my head in one of the bird baths.
      For once the rain did not head north and go right around us. We all still need a lot more.
      Have a good evening!

  3. I like the dress and skirt you found. It really is hit and miss. You just never know what (if anything) you'll find. I plan on going thrifting tomorrow.
    Glad you got some rain but I can imagine most of it has evaporated by now.
    Happy Packing.

    1. Hi G.M! I seem to have a streak where I will find absolutely nothing at thrift shops for awhile then hit upon a few good goes. My good go started with Kim last week!
      The gardens received a good watering but unless we receive a significant amount of rain in a very short time a number of crops here will be ruined.

  4. I'm still looking for my denim skirt. I like to try things on first too. I did find a denim dress though. : )
    Nice vintage dress.

    1. I wondered if you had found a denim skirt. You should post a photo of your denim dress! I wouldn't mind finding one of those too.

  5. love, love, love the dress and you sure made me miss denim skirts!!! Your animal photos are gorgeous as always!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Hi Caren! Thanks, I was quite happy to find it. I have always loved denim skirts since the 1970's. Glad they are back in style. Not that that matters, I wear what I like!


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