"The Busy Bee"

Caught in flight!
Firstly I apologize to everyone who does not enjoy bees! Yesterday when I was outside I noticed this Bumblebee flitting around one of our bushes.
I see its pollen baskets are very full. I took these from a distance away so as not to bother it. Natalie over at "Knatolee's World" keeps honey bees along with 100+ rescue animals. Pop over and visit if you get a chance. She and her husband Gordon rescue animals from all over and bring them to their idyllic farm.
Alfalfa sat up in one of our maple trees "mooing" yesterday. I thought a cat was in the yard somewhere and walked around the house twice before I discovered him up in the tree. Silly bird!
HOT, HOT, HOT the last couple days . Does anyone else lose their appetite in the heat and high humidity? I sure do. All I want to eat is yogurt and fruit. I have had this bowl for 32 years. It is part of the set of dishes my parents had when I was a kid.I remember eating my Captain Crunch in it! Sadly all I have left of the set is this bowl and a few plates. The pattern is called "Meadowsweet". I have seen it on Ebay but wonder if the dishes would survive the shipping.
Poor critters! As Ronna suggested on Facebook today I make sure to put lots of water out for everyone.
Here is part of our backyard. As you can see one of the maples is losing some of its leaves. In a radio report I heard this morning it mentioned  our area has received only 40% of our normal rainfall. We have been asked to reduce our water consumption by 20% so not much watering of lawns is going on. Apparently if we do not get some significant rainfall in the next two to three weeks we are going to be in trouble. We run our sprinkler system a couple times a week first thing in the morning but we could never give the trees all the water they need.
The hostas are just starting to bloom. I do love purple flowers!
Too hot to be outside for very long. I do hate being cooped up in the house. I am not a T.V. watcher so I am catching up on some reading. I will be wishing for this inactivity in a few weeks as we will be busy with our move.

Take care and keep cool!


  1. I like watching bees, don't mind the bumblebees though am careful if I'm close with the camera.

    Maybe Alfalfa was mooing at you to bring more/other food. :-D

    The squirrel looks like it's inching its way out to dive into one of the bird baths. Ha. I bet the water evaporates pretty quickly right now.

    Like you, I don't want to eat heavily in the heat. Okay, first thing in the morning I almost always want a huge fat/protein intake -- lol. But when I get home into the hot, oven-like house, forget it. It's a banana and peanut butter and maybe a piece of toast.

    And oh, I do hope we get rain, real rain, several days of gentle but persistent rain, soon. Doesn't look good for July, and if I had to bet, I'd say August will be more of the same. I hope I'm wrong, though.

    Take care and stay cool. At least we have air con at work till 3 PM, when they shut it off. I actually brought a small fan in from home to help move the air around, which is a bit contrary to the idea of saving energy!

    1. I think Alfalfa was mooing for more food. I did put out some peanuts for him afterwards.
      I have to fill the birdbaths twice a day in this heat. Doesn't help when they are black plastic! Someday I will have a concrete one.
      If I didn't have to cook for someone who has such a hard physical job I would definitely eat toast for supper on hot days like this!
      I heard we are not in for any rain for awhile. I feel so sorry for all the farmers!
      Do what you have to do to stay cool. You can not be a productive worker if you are hot and sleepy at your desk!
      Take care. Hug the boys for me!

  2. It is very hot here and I know the animals are not all that hungry either. We are also are lacking in rain a lot. Love the picture of the squirrel and the bee.

    1. Thanks Marg! Let's hope we all get some relief from this heat.

  3. It's been fun watching the birds in our water feature that sits right outside my kitchen window. They love it.
    It is a bit warm here today but still there is a nice cool breeze and it feels nice in the shade.

    1. I imagine it would be lovely to sit and watch the birds in your lovely water feature.
      It is terrifically hot here. Over 100 with the humidity factored in. Too hot

  4. I love pictures of bees on flowers. Sure hope you get some rain soon. I remember how awful it was a few years back when we went all summer without rain. We were so afraid the pond was going to dry up and the fish die. Wish the heat would take away my appetite! :) Your pictures are just beautiful!

    1. We finally received some rain last night. Still not enough though. I just heard a report this morning on the radio. The corn, wheat and soybeans are suffering very badly here.

  5. I have never heard of a dish pattern called Meadowsweet. Pretty blue. You'll have to pack the few remaining pieces really well for moving.

    I can't imagine how hot it is out your way. And dry. Do you have A/C at all? We just have it in 2 bedrooms but so far have hardly even had to use it. We've consistently been below average temps. I'm not complaining.

    1. I have packed those Meadowsweet dishes many times over the years. I would hate anything to happen to my few remaining pieces.
      We have central air-conditioning so we are nice and cool in the house. It is tough here in Ontario if you don't have it!
      I've noticed your temps have been pretty cool all summer.

  6. another neat post Robin, with great photos! I do so enjoy them! Glad you enjoyed the "gypsy" post. Guess we are both bohemian....we can just be gypsies together!

    1. Thanks! Like you I have loved the bohemian look for years. Guess we were ahead of everyone else!


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