"The Waiting Game"

This rabbit spent quite a bit of time drinking.
Sometimes it seems the weeks have just zipped by but this week seems to be going on forever.
I have had this garden plaque for twenty years or so.
Two weeks today we will be waking up in our new home
Chickadee enjoying the niger seed.
We are packing and paring down some more items.
So many days of beautiful clouds.
We are also trying to envision where and how our furniture will go.
Two favourite birds.
The two houses are quite different in how they are set up.
He looks very fluffy!
We have three finished levels in our new home, our current home has two.
Keeping an eye on each other.
Not having a finished basement in our current home has meant we have been using the basement for storage.
Not good as you can easily accumulate STUFF!
Look at those claws!
We have cleared out quite a bit through a yard sale and donating.
Poor maple tree. Not many leaves left.
Chuck is also going through a very busy time at work with a couple of projects on the go.
Sitting and chillin'
He is taking two weeks off so we will have time to get the house settled.
Alfalfa stopped by for a drink.
When we moved into our current home Chuck was back to work the next day. I was left surrounded by  probably 40 boxes of our possessions. Not fun!
He hung around for quite awhile.
The weather is supposed to be cooling down the week we move. I hope so!
Missing a good bit of one wing.
Hot and humid for the next few days here so I will continue to pack and pray for cooler weather.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I think you've outdone yourself with the bird and critter photos, Robin. Wonderful! I would have a hard time picking a favourite, though I do love the blue jay especially. And Chippy. And the black squirrel. And the moth on the cone flower. And the rabbit. And....LOL.

    I suspect the time is dragging for you because you're anxious to have the move over and done with. You're on the cusp of a new adventure. All that paring down now will stand you in good stead when you make the move out west.

    This had better be the last week of crazy heat for the summer, I can't stand it. I got a notice from my bank yesterday that they increased my line of credit (sure, because it's already run up -- lol). I'm sorely tempted to use it for central air, but won't do it this year. Maybe next, because the thought of another summer in this oven of a house is unbearable.

    Take care!

    1. Hi Kim, just pure luck taking photos yesterday. I spend way too much time wandering around outside with my camera!
      We are getting anxious to get going. I guess an almost 3 month closing date wasn't the best idea!
      I can't even imagine how you function in this heat! A/C will make a huge difference.
      Have a great evening!

    2. There really is no such thing as spending "way too much time" wandering around with a camera. It's one of the few things (in my life) that bring (me) true joy. :-)

  2. I always admire how clear your pictures are. I know you have a good camera but you also have the ability to get awesome pics.
    These last days before moving are bound to drag. Maybe you need to go cruising around in your new car. That would sound like fun to me!!

    1. Thanks G.M! I take so many photos I guess some are bound to turn out. My camera is 9 years old now and is a little cranky sometimes.
      I plan to go out for a cruise today in my car. Have a good day!

  3. Terrific shots of your critters.
    Won't be long now.
    I really like unpacking things in a new home. : ) I know I'm a little strange!!

    1. Thanks Karen!
      I know unpacking this time will be different with Chuck's help. You and I have done it so many times we should be pretty good at it!

  4. We pray for cooler weather for you and for us too!! It is super hot in Michigan also. Bring on Fall and best of luck with your move. Love your photos as always! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Thanks Caren, we will need all the prayers we can get!
      Hopefully you receive some cooler weather too.
      Thanks for all your kind words.

  5. Those are such great pictures. I love seeing them. Chickadees are one of my very favorites. But they are all terrific. Moving is absolutely no fun. But just think how nice it will be when you are all organized.

    1. Thanks Marg! You know I do find it hard to say which bird is my favourite. It changes day by day!
      Have a good day!

  6. Great pictures as always; such detail. I can even see the pattern on the butterflies antennae.

    It's a good idea for Chuck to have some time off during the move. It will make for a more relaxed transition, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks! I took that photo from about a foot away from it. The next photo I took from inside through a window so it wasn't as clear.
      I don't think this time around I could unpack everything myself. Well, of course I could but I sure as heck don't want to go through that again!


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