"The Cat In The Window"

Look at that face! Sweet Pea (named by me) has been visiting us almost daily for a quick meal. He doesn't stay in the house long, wants to be outside. When we are working outside he hangs around and snoopervises.
Sunday morning we took a walk out to the edge of town to Mount Hope Cemetery. The walk to it is all uphill so a good workout. The cemetery  opened in 1867.
I am thinking August 1883 was a bad year here for deaths. Maybe a flu epidemic??? We saw a number of headstones with that date on it.
The oldest date on a headstone we could find was 1858. Obviously buried elsewhere first and then when this cemetery opened reburied here.
If you enlarge the photo you can read most of what is on this headstone. Very interesting!
This long stone bench was facing a giant "Morrow" headstone. It was a very peaceful place to sit.
This was very imposing. Well known name here in Brighton. Beautiful stain glass windows on the sides but the photos didn't turn out.
This little statue was just sitting on it's own. I couldn't find a headstone buried below or nearby. This was a lovely, serene place to walk through. We will be visiting again.
Thursday afternoon our friend Ernie called. He and his parents have an one hundred acre farm a few miles from us. His parents had harvested the potatoes and said if we wanted to come sift through the soil we could take whatever we wanted. Chuck and I were there ten minutes later! They grow everything organically with no irrigation system. We have had a record breaking dry summer this year but everything was wonderful. Ernie even drove us out to the gardens and helped us pick. He then said take as many tomatoes as you want too. We are blessed with such wonderful friends! So two buckets of tomatoes and half a recycling box of potatoes. The tomatoes went in the freezer and after drying for a day the potatoes are in the basement. Everything is delicious!
After a dry summer we suddenly are getting pretty regular rain. Chuck had to mow our lawn twice in one week. Gratuitous handsome hubby photo!
The bird feeder is the foreground is a new one I purchased after the squirrels ruined the two the previous owners had left. The birds seem to be enjoying it.
So pretty!
You know me and mourning doves!
Here is one before and after. The top photo (taken from the original home listing) is one of the rooms overlooking the front of the house. The original owner used it as his office. I think I counted 20 nail holes in the walls. Chuck patched them all and painted every surface. We are using it as a guest bedroom. I think it turned out very well.

We continue to work on the gardens. We have pulled out 5 or 6 dead bushes and plan to pull out a few more. Everyday I see progress so that spurns me on to do more.  We really are enjoying the peace and quiet of a small town. One of my friends from our old neighbourhood is coming to view a home for sale just two doors down. It would be wonderful if she moved here too.

Take care and have a good week!


  1. Oh that cute little face peering in at you! So sweet.
    You're getting things done and even took time to go glean potatoes. The tomatoes look really luscious. Do you just put them in Ziplock bags and toss them in the freezer Like I do? They peel super well once thawed.

    Walking through old cemeteries and reading grave stones is something I also find very interesting. I do wonder what, if anything unusual, happened in the summer of 1883.

    1. He is a cutie for sure!
      I do just put my tomatoes in Ziplocks and toss them in the freezer. I couldn't stand in this heat to make batches of sauce so I will wait until it is cooler.
      I love old cemeteries too. Looking online I see there was a diphtheria epidemic that summer so maybe that was the cause of many of the deaths.

  2. Love that you are enjoying your new neighborhood! I love mourning doves too!!! Love that kitty! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Thanks Caren! We are really enjoying it. I am now sitting at my kitchen table listening and watching the birds at the feeders.

  3. that is a sweet little kitty! I think he wants to adopt y'all!

  4. What a great harvest of tomatoes and potatoes! Nothing better than fresh produce, especially when it's grown organically. Funny to think back decades ago when everything was grown organically (i.e. our own gardens when I was growing up) -- that being the norm, I mean, versus today.

    The cemetery looks like a lovely spot -- that stone bench is terrific. We like to think that the "old" days somehow were better, but people worked harder, generally, just to get by, and without modern medicine life would have been even more challenging.

    Your spare room looks terrific, great job on it!

    Have a great week and when "Sweet Pea" shows up for breakfast, give him (or her) a smooch from me! :-)

    1. We have tried the potatoes and tomatoes and both are delicious! It is strange to think what was the usual practice growing up is considered "organic" now.
      The cemetery was very peaceful and not another person was in sight. I always look at the ages of people on the headstones and was surprised to see quite a few people in their 80's. But many young deaths too.
      We are slowly working room by room painting but I am happy to see one room fully finished!
      No Sweet Pea yet today. I will be sure to give him a smooch from you!

  5. I like how they put the exact age of the person on the gravestones when they died, years, months, and days. I've noticed that on the old stones here too.

    Great deal on getting the veggies right off the farm.

    Nice transformation on the guest room.

    I have two feeders just like your new one. I love them. Very easy to wash and keep clean.

    That would be great if your friend could move there too.

    1. I thought putting the exact ages on the headstones was interesting too.
      Thanks for your kind words about our guest room. Hopefully we will start shortly on our bedroom.
      I like that the new feeder is glass so will be easy to clean. And they look pretty too!
      We will see if my friend and her husband like our neighbours house. They are coming to view it today.

  6. That is a beautiful cat. Reminds me of our Dumperoo. From the view behind your husband, it looks simply beautiful where you're living. Looks like you already have a bunch of new wildlife visiting. Birds and animals know good people when they see them. I enjoyed your post very much!

    1. Hi Henny, yes he is a beautiful cat. Luckily for me the previous owners of our new home were birders so the birds already were coming to feeders.
      Have a good week!

  7. That is so great to have some where to go to get nice fresh vegetables. Yummy. That is such a pretty cat. Maybe it will stay longer as it gets used to you all. Do you think he lived there before you moved there??? Great gravestones. Super post. Have a wonderful day.

    1. I have asked a few neighbours about the kitty but no one seems to know who he belongs to. The previous owners did have a cat but he went with them. Maybe Sweet Pea visited them too!


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