"That's What Friends Are For" Part Two.

Oh my goodness, where do I begin? We had an early start on Friday morning as I had to drive Chuck to work for 7:00. When I got back home Kim was eating her breakfast and getting ready for our day.
Our first stop was Campbell's Orchards which I have told you about a few times. The critters had all new cages and there seemed to be more of them, critters I mean. Newton the pig was living up to his name and "hogging" all the apples.
Many chickens were enjoying the sunshine.
A great corn maze to wander through. Kim and I just didn't have the time. Too much on the schedule!
We went and found some ground apples and made sure the two sheep got a snack.
So many delicious kinds of apples! The two ladies that do all the baking were busy working away in the kitchen. We had a good long look around and just as we were leaving one of the ladies brought out fresh pumpkin chocolate loaf still warm from the oven. Heavenly!
We headed back home for lunch. I wanted to quickly show Kim Proctor House which I wrote about a week or so ago. I knew the ticket office for the Proctor House Barn Theatre was open as there was a play being performed this last few weekends. We walked around outside so Kim could get some photos and then I suggested we head into the office (located in the house kitchen) to just ask if we could look around the kitchen. Well the lady said sure and I will turn on all the house lights so you can tour the whole house. I was flabbergasted! The house is only open for tours in July and August. The volunteer left us alone to wander around wherever we wanted to go.
First we toured the dining room and one of the parlours. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful it was.
The china on this table was all hand painted by a female member of the Proctor family.
Parlour on the left side of the front door.
I love the antique everyday things like this sewing basket. Look at the plank floors.
Imagine having tea at this table.
Some Proctor family portraits.
Front hallway and stairs.
Chandelier in front hall.
A window in the upstair hall.
One of the bedrooms housed some display cases and various family possessions. Look at how tiny the waist on the dress mannequin!
One of the little girls room.
I do love the vintage clothing which there was quite a bit of.
This was in the nannies room.
An indoor outhouse. Very rare in this time period.
On top of the house was a belvedere for Mr. Proctor to watch for his ships out on Lake Ontario. I did not take this photo, Kim did. I am not a fan of heights. We had to climb a very steep, long staircase to get to the belvedere. Then the area to stand up there was very small with no railings around the stairs. I was worried I was going to fall right back down the stairs so I was hugging the back windows. Kim was very brave and took the photos!
I only stayed up there for a few minutes. Kim stayed up a bit longer and enjoyed the view. Coming back down was treacherous as the stairs were only about 5 inches wide. You really had to watch where you put your feet. Back on the second floor we found the master bedroom. Lovely and big and bright.
Such beautiful dresses!
I love the curling irons on the stove.
Upper hallway with the stairs back down.
We eventually got back to the kitchen. I love this display of head coverings and shawls.
The volunteer let us look in the summer kitchen. It is used for storage too. What a wonderful stove with all the cooking utensil's.
Just everyday things but if they could talk!
I would have loved to try on one of the aprons! We ended up touring the house for about an hour. We noticed a donation box so we both dropped in a donation. I plan on going back when tours are given to get a full history on the house.
After our tour we quickly headed into Trenton for one last quick look at the thrift stores then headed home so Kim could pack. I believe Kim came with two bags but she left with four! We sat and chatted for an hour or so then packed up and took Kim to the train station. A wonderful two days which I hope we can repeat again.
If you are still reading this thank you, it was very long!

I hope you enjoyed all the photos. I had a wonderful time taking them.

Have a good week!


  1. Another round of wonderful pics, Robin, especially at Proctor House. I didn't even notice the sewing basket (no surprise, ha). I do love all the vintage clothing as well, marvel at how corseted women had to be. I was thinking, once I was home and editing my own pics, that the kitchen was to you what an old barn would be to me -- I'd be in raptures wandering through an old stable, touching bits of leftovers like cracked leather harnesses and such.

    As lovely as that house is, I admit I'm happy to have real indoor plumbing, running water and electricity! :-)

    1. I do love an old barn too Kim. I spent many hours in my Opa's and other various family members barns. Such a wonderful smell to them, I love looking at how they are constructed....,
      I am darn happy to have modern plumbing and everything else. I would not want to sit on that cold hard indoor outhouse seat on a winter's morning!

  2. What a wonderful house, and a great situation for it. I find it interesting that people had a gadget for everything in those days. Now, we just throw something away if we can't get it to work, even if it's not broken. Excellent photographs.

    1. It was a beautiful house and we were so lucky to be able to spend time wandering around it. The family did keep so meant things. Recently some family members donated back a number of household items for the museum.
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow, fantastic that you two got to wander all over on your own. I'd like that better than a organized tour. What a beautiful home.
    Sounds like a wonderful day the two of you had. Wish I could have joined you. : )

    1. We were so lucky Karen! I guess we looked like two harmless ladies. I really enjoyed being able to go around the house by ourselves. We don't touch anything but it was nice to be able to get so close to everything. As we were walking around I was thinking that you and Granny Marigold would have enjoyed it too!

  4. what an amazing time you both had! I am not a fan of heights (or small steps), so I would have been a nervous wreck!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. I REALLY don't like heights but I knew I would kick myself later if I didn't go up in the belvedere. Kim was so kind (and brave!) and took all the photo's up there. She's the best!

  5. How awesome that the volunteer told you to go ahead and tour that gorgeous house! I would have loved to have been there with you. An hour would not be long enough for me either. So many lovely old things to admire.

    1. As I mentioned in my reply to Karen's comment I was thinking about you as we toured the house and how much you would enjoy it too. We easily could have stayed another hour but we didn't want to take advantage of the ladies kindness. It was rather overwhelming with all the lovely things. I will be going back for another tour!

  6. How lovely and so well looked after. It use have been so nice to be able to take your time and wander around xx

    1. To have the whole house to ourselves was wonderful Cheryl! We could look at everything closely and take our time. Thanks for dropping by again!

  7. I am a boy. I don't love old houses but the animals are so nice. Thank you for making this beautiful photos. Love the first one. And all that apples. We have here old sort of apples. But I don't eat them often.

    1. Hi Ralph, not everyone is interested in old houses but I am glad you enjoyed the animal photos. We grow many varieties of apples here. Have a good week!


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