"That's What Friends Are For"

What a wonderful two days! Kim came down for a visit this week. I drove to the Belleville train station to pick her up Thursday morning. She caught the early train due in at 8:15. I left early so I drove the back way to Belleville and took some photographs as the sun was coming up.
I arrived at the train station a few minutes before the train was due and spotted this red tailed hawk up on a tower. The crows were dive-bombing it but s/he didn't pay them very much attention.
Kim arrived right on time and after a quick snack stop we were on our way! First stop, Reid's Dairy. Our favourite place to visit ducks, geese, goats, turtles…sadly no turtles this time.
Many ducks milling around. The food dispensers were taken down for the season so we were not able to give them anything.
It was a warm day and eventually turned sunny.
As we were taking photos a young lady came out to feed everyone. Kim asked about the goats and we found out they will be wintering there at the dairy. Their enclosure will be winterized and depending on how cold it gets they will stay there all winter.
A pair of grackles were watching closely. We hung around for a few minutes more and then did some shopping. Lunchtime was quickly upon us so we headed home.
After lunch we hit the road again this time heading to Cobourg. We stopped at my favourite farm stand to visit with the Llama's. They were just enjoying their lunch.
Look at that face! Kim took a hilarious photo of the brown llama kissing me. Maybe she will post it on her blog.
After leaving the farm stand we headed into Cobourg visiting three thrift stores where we each snagged some terrific bargains.
On the way out of Cobourg we stopped at this abandoned private hospital. It was the Sidbrook Hospital. Built in 1857 as a private home for Henry Mason by architect Kivas Tully. It was sold a few times over the years and in 1952 became a hospital.
Fascinating building with so much to look at outside. Here's what it looks like inside.
The hospital closed in 2002 and has been left to deteriorate since then. Rumour has is that it is haunted and ghosts have been supposedly seen.
Sad to see such a beautiful, historic building falling apart.
This magnolia tree in the backyard is over 100 years old. Here in this part of Canada they never usually grow this large.
Kim and I climbed part way up this outside staircase but I thought Chuck would not appreciate receiving a phone call that we had fallen through a rusted out staircase so we came down.
So lovely! What a waste. I believe we were there around a half hour. Just when we were leaving we noticed laying on one of the porches a large"No Trespassing" sign.  Oh dear!

We came home shortly before supper and Kim and I enjoyed a walk after supper.

Up next, Day Two!

Take care.


  1. Was that all day 1? LOL!

    Robin, you took fabulous pics, love your camera! I didn't even see the grackles at Reid's Dairy, I was so focused on the goats.

    Yes, I'll post of the pic of you getting a llama kiss if you like. I never would post a pic of you without your permission, a lot of people don't want their face on the internet.

    As for Sidbrook hospital (I didn't remember the name), I clicked the link and looked at all the interior pics. They made it in! Mind you, that wasn't 2016 and I imagine it's even worse now. What an absolute shame. The owner will let it go till it needs to be torn down, I suppose. If it's still structurally sound, it could be saved (with a huge outlay of cash), restored and turned into something useful. BTW, I didn't realize that tree was a magnolia tree, it never occurred to me, it being so huge!

    Thanks again for a wonderful visit; I'm looking forward to seeing more pics!

    1. We packed so much into each day! Good gosh it was fun wasn't it?
      Thanks for your kind words about the photos. We each think the others camera is better than our own!
      Post the photo if the llama kiss if it fits into your post. What the hay!
      I read on line quite a bit about the hospital. It is remarkable someone had not saved it. Kivas Tully is a very famous Ontario architect. To let one of his buildings go is crazy.
      We were so happy to have you visit. Come anytime!

  2. Oh what a lovely day 1 of your visit! Laughed about the "No Trespassing" sign! Too funny!! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Thanks Caren! I was surprised there wasn't more of the "No Trespassing" signs around. Just one small one. Although honestly I still think we would have nosed around!

  3. Always great to spend time with friends.
    Fantastic pictures of all the critters especially the rooster!
    Great old building.

    1. Hi Karen, it is wonderful to spend time with friends. The rooster posed very nicely for a few minutes for us. Have a great Sunday!

  4. That is my idea of a perfect day... old buildings, farm stands, and thrift stores!! Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It was a perfect two days G.M! The weather was fabulous so we could spend lots of time outside with quick forays into thrift stores.
      Have a good week.

  5. Well, that sounds like a fun day.So much fun to see all those animals, especially the goats.And such great pictures too.

    1. Kim and I are great animal lovers. The goats are lovely, very friendly.
      Have a good week Marg!

  6. The former hospital should be a private home again. The institutional additions could be demolished and the inside - which looks to be in pretty good shape except superficially - could be renovated.

    I'd love to travel places by rail. It should be a common thing again.

    1. It would be a fantastic private home again. More than likely what will happen is the current owner will let it deteriorate even more so there will be no choice but to bulldoze it making way for condo's. Cobourg is turning into a retirement community and condo's seem to be a popular housing option.


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