"The Apple Orchard"

Our new home is located two blocks from the western edge of our town. Beyond that are farms. The farm closest to us is a 100+ year old apple orchard. A few days ago we walked out there to enjoy all the apples.
On the way we passed this building. I thought this was such an interesting sign.
Beautiful, huge catalpa tree on the farm next to the apple orchard. I grew up with two of these tress so I do have a soft spot for them.
Interesting old plow (I think!)
It has been a wonderful year for apples. The trees are full.
The old farmhouse. I don't believe it is occupied at this point. The back is looking a little saggy!
Great use for old garden tools!
This is one of the great bargains I got when Kim was down last week. The quilt is mostly hand stitched with some machine stitching on the butterflies. It was only $10.00! Not a mark on it and in beautiful condition.
Kim gave us this beautiful bouquet of sunflowers when she was here. Sweet Pea seemed to enjoy them.
Yes, I sanitize the counter after he eats. I have tried to get him to eat on the floor but he just won't!
Such a handsome guy!
This little girl has been hanging around too but she is very skittish. This was taken at 6:00 a.m. a few days ago. She will now let me pet her head after initially running away if she spotted me but if you reach for her she runs off. According to a neighbour she has hung around the neighbourhood for the last few years. I now count 5 cats that roam the neighbourhood. Most of them do have owners. Only one wears a collar. We will continue to feed them. Sweet Pea must have put out the word that we are a soft touch!

We are continuing to enjoy the Fall weather. It has rained for most of today but it is warm.

Have a good week.


  1. That's a great shot of Sweet Pea on the fence, my favourite (so far) of the pics you've taken of him.

    Do you think that little girl has a home? She's not the missing one, I take it.

    The quilt looks great, Robin! So pretty, and such an amazing bargain. It would have been a bargain at their full price too!

    That garden tool sculpture is terrific, I love it. Someone is both creative and talented.

    That back addition on the old farm house reminds me of the old bathroom in the house in Gaspé, it was a saggy addition too! :-)

    I think there are orchard's within a stone's throw of where you live, any direction! We passed so many when I was visiting! (As an aside, I made up another batch of applesauce yesterday, finally using up the rest of the apples I had bought a couple of weeks ago. Yum.)

    Enjoy the evening. Aside from an early morning run for more groceries, I've spent the day napping and reading, mostly reading. Nice for a change!

    1. Hi Kim, glad you are having a relaxing day.
      Sweet Pea seems to love the camera. He happily posed up on the fence for a few minutes.
      We have concluded that this is not the missing Siamese. Sadly I have no idea if this one has a home.
      Yum, your applesauce is very good. We enjoyed the batch you made us.
      Have a good evening too Kim. We continue to watch "Outlander" We are really enjoying it!

  2. We have a big old Catalpa tree that we see on our daily walk, the only one of its kind I've ever seen. Aren't the blossoms in Spring so scented?
    What a deal you got on the perfect quilt. It's finds like that that keep us looking. Just heard of a newly opened thrift store in Chilliwack, a 20 minute drive East of here. Must investigate.

    1. The blossom of the catalpa smell heavenly! Although when the flowers fall off and stick to everything it isn't too much fun!
      You are so right, it is getting the fantastic deal once in awhile that keeps us going back to the thrift stores.
      Have fun if you visit the new thrift store!

  3. I've never seen so many apples on a tree. Oh my goodness. Can I move to your town? The cats are so cute. I hope the little kitty in the last picture stays with you. She looks like she loves you already.

    1. The apple trees are really full this year. Oh Henny, I would love for you to move to our town! There is lots of good hunting too according to a friend of ours so Poppy would enjoy it too! It is really sad the amount of roaming cats in our neighbourhood. We have coyotes quite close by so it is remarkable they survive.

  4. Wow! I'd like to go apple picking!
    Your Sweet Pea looks like a grown up Timothy!

    1. It is a lot of fun apple picking. And much cheaper too!
      I noticed Sweet Pea and Timothy looked quite a bit alike. Two handsome boys!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Cheryl, we feel very blessed to live here. We have only been here two months but it feels much longer.

  6. Beautiful area you are in. That is a beautiful and huge tree.
    Only $10 for the quilt is a fabulous find.

    1. It is gorgeous Karen. We are only 10 miles from our old town but it is so different. I am so happy that I found my new quilt!

  7. Beautiful kitties! And those apples look so good...
    We had a lovely catalpa tree in our local small town of Alexandria, but despite everyone's efforts to save it, the township cut it down. :(

    1. The kitties are beautiful but it horrifies me to think they could be strays. Hopefully they are owned and just mooching a free meal!
      I love catalpa trees. They are so beautiful in flower and the "beans" that come afterward are wonderful for hitting your big brother with when he is driving you crazy! LOL


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