"The Last Day Of Summer"

Last Wednesday was our last day of summer. I was watching the weather forecast and noticed we were in for a few days of rain and cooler temperatures so we decided to have a day trip on this last beautiful day.
It was sunny and around 70 degrees. Perfect weather for walking around downtown Cobourg. We visited some stores, stopped at Northumberland Art Gallery and their lovely gift shop and walked around a beautiful, historical town. Oh and we found a fabulous British store selling everything British and picked up some tasty treats.
I didn't notice the bird until I downloaded the photos.
The topping on the cake had to be finding two great articles of clothing at the thrift shops. I have been searching for a vintage (I know, over- used word) suede skirt. One of the thrift shops Kim and I visited a few weeks ago was still having their half price sale. There it was on the rack. It fit perfectly and only $10.00! Then we stopped off at another thrift shop and saw IT on a hanger. A mint condition powder blue leisure suit from the 1970's. Chuck has wanted one for a Halloween costume for years. It fit him like it was made for him. Pants, suit coat, reversible vest, tie and white belt all for $15.00. Two piece suits on ebay are anywhere from $80.00 to $100.00. What a day!
The return of cooler weather has meant the critters are coming to the feeders more.
Looking for a particularly tasty morsel.
Still so many robin's around. I hear them every day.
This really surprised me. I was looking out one of our back windows and saw something flutter by. I didn't have my glasses on so I assumed it was a leaf. I did pop my glasses on a few minutes later and watched this male (I believe) monarch butterfly settle in the pine tree. It was maybe 38 degrees out. He would fly a bit then settle in a tree for a few minutes then fly a little more. According to an article I read he should have left here a month ago. Poor thing!
Sunday was yard clean up day as the city comes the last week of the month and takes all your yard waste away. Of course Sweet Pea had to snoopervise everything!
Junco's are back for the winter. This was quite a large one compared to the others.
Chickadee enjoying some peanuts.
A few goldfinches were at the feeders too.
You might think this is Sweet Pea in the photo below. This kitty showed up with Sweet Pea yesterday. It is a bit bigger and has a rounder face than Sweet Pea but they look very much alike. A parent or sibling perhaps? Very friendly like Sweet Pea. It was standing at the sliding door and I just looked quickly and thought it was Sweet Pea so I just opened the door and it came in. Chuck was sitting at the table as I went to get some food and said "That isn't Sweet Pea"It was very well mannered and just sat down. I picked it up to put it back outside and it cuddled into me. S/he got a big bowl of food outside on the back deck.
This is what has occupied our time for the last few days. A friend lent us his tall ladder so we are trying to get all the high walls painted. I do stand below and hang onto the ladder. I can't look up and watch him though. It makes my stomach flip!

The weather has really turned cooler and the weather forecasters are calling for the chance of snow Thursday morning. Too soon!

Have a great week!


  1. Aren't the colours just magnificent this year? I really had expected the leaves to just turn brown and shrivel up, because of the drought, but no, they're going out in full-blown, glorious colour.

    It's nice to see more critters are coming around to your feeders now, particularly the birds. That squirrel looks like it has its "hands" together, pleading for more like Oliver Twist.

    Ah, this other brown tabby is a handsome (or pretty) cat! Obviously socialized to humans, to be able to pick him/her up. Very likely related somehow to Sweet Pea! You guys are cat (and critter) magnets. speaks highly about the kind of people you are, that all Beings seem to know to come to you. :-)

    The paint looks good! It looks lighter than the colour that was on before, but I think it's the same shade, yes? Didn't you say the previous owners had left some paint and you were getting more? In any case, it looks nice in the pics! Chuck is such a "monkey," I know it's nothing for him to be up there doing that, but oh, it gives my stomach the flips just to see the pics too! Never mind being there in person and holding the ladder.

    Oh, btw, I hope the monarch makes it. I did check the Weather Network's site and saw it uploaded! :-)

    1. It is so strange with the leaves this year. Some trees here are just starting to change and some are already bare. I am loving the long colour change!
      I would like to think we send out welcoming vibes to all critters. Maybe we are just too soft!
      The paint does look much better. It is the same colour, just the camera makes it appear lighter.
      The heights don't bother Chuck at all. I am standing on the ground with sweaty hands holding the ladder.
      Feel better soon!

  2. How funny that you let Sweet Pea's lookalike inside! Sweet Pea looks like my Tim.

    1. I was a little nervous when I realized it wasn't Sweet Pea. But I assume they are related so very friendly cats.
      Your Tim is adorable!

  3. Finding a vintage suede skirt that fit and was only ten dollars! I call that luck. And Chucks light blue leisure suit ( I hated those when they were the thing) great Halloween costume. Will we see photos of the two of you all dressed for the spooky day?

    1. I would like to say yes definitely I will post a photo of us in our outfits but I don't know if Chuck will want a photo of himself in a leisure suit out there. They were both fantastic finds!

  4. Oh Robin...your photographs are just beautiful. You captured the Autumnfeel perfectly. How on earth do you take such wonderful pictures of animals...they are stunning
    Thank you so much for sharing
    Phoebe x

    1. Thanks Phoebes! My feeders are fairly close to the house and I have a great zoom on my camera so that helps immensely.
      Glad you enjoyed them and thanks for popping by!

  5. Beautiful fall colors. Nice to see lots of critters coming to your back yard.
    My favorite one is the robin on the roof. He looks like a roof ornament up there! : )
    Chuck is pretty high up there!! It's a long way up and down to get more paint on the roller!!

    1. Hi Karen, the colour are so pretty this year. Everyday I could take 100 photos.
      I like the Robin photo too. He perched there for a few minutes so I was able to get some great shots.
      Chuck doesn't mind heights. He had to climb down the side of a 1930's water tower to string Christmas lights around the tank. It was 300 feet off the ground.

  6. Hi Robin, firstly, I love your blog background! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous and have brought me much joy today...so thank you! I love animals, nature, Autumn and thrift shops, and your whole post has included these things. I also love vintage, too, and I have a 3 year old, black and white, green eyed male cat named Romeo. Your have a lovely blog. Warm greetings and best wishes from Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for popping by again. Thank you for all your kind words. Sounds like we have much in common. I am glad you enjoyed my photos. Your Romeo sounds like a handsome cat! Enjoy your birthday today!

  7. That new cat does look just like Sweet Pea. They are probably some relation of sorts. It is always fun to have visitors. Your pictures are just gorgeous. Lots of wonderful birds etc. around your house.

    1. I do enjoy having the cats come and visit. I just hope they all have homes!
      Thanks for your kind words about my photos. I do enjoy asking them.


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