"Time Between"

Chuck and I have been enjoying some time together these last two weeks as he is in between contracts right now. I was very happy when we learned the dates of his last contract and it stated Chuck was done October 7. That meant he had pretty well the whole month of October off. My favourite month! The plan right now is for the next contract to be just part time work, maybe a couple days a week, until January when we think Chuck will go back to full time work.
The weather has cooperated for the most part (it has been raining for the last two days) so we have been getting out for day trips a few times a week.
We picked up my Mum last Friday and brought her back to our home for the day as she hadn't seen our new house yet. We had a lovely day and she was able to view some of the gorgeous scenery around our town.
The leaves are still so incredibly beautiful right now.
We have a set of train tracks that run right through the middle of our town. The train whistle is a sound I like. My grandparents lived right by train tracks so it is a sound of home to me.
These are the Murray Hills. Always beautiful but more so this time of year.
We are corn and soybean growers in this area.
Corn everywhere!
We have watched this little shed deteriorate over the last 30 years or so.
Sweet Pea seems to have made a friend in another one of the cats in the neighbourhood. Sweet Pea sat a foot away from this white cat while it was eating on the deck and then came inside for his supper.
Beautiful cat but very skittish. Hard to tell but it is very large.
We visited one of our local antique stores while on our walk a few days ago. You know me and old magazines! Two for $6.00 was my price. The Chatelaine (a Canadian magazine) is from 1955 while the Journal is from 1971.
This was the evening sky a few nights ago. I love the wispy clouds.

We plan on finishing cleaning up the gardens this weekend and hopefully starting on the painting in our bedroom.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Lovely photos, you're a master of the drive-by snapshot. LOL. The fall colours ARE good this year, which I find surprising, given how dry the summer was.

    That white cat is gorgeous! Doesn't look like stray that's out scrounging, the fur is pristine.

    Have a great evening and weekend too. I'm just about to venture out into the pouring rain, so glad I wore my cute rubber boots today!

    Take care.

    1. Thanks Kim, everyone has to be good at something! LOL.
      The white cat is very clean so I guess he is just a cat that is let out to roam. I don't know what it is about this neighbourhood that people feel it is safe to let their cats roam.
      I was going to ask you if you wore your rubber boots today. You sure need them!
      Take care.

  2. Nice that you and Chuck are getting some good time together in during your favorite month. : ) Glad you got to spend the day with your mom and she saw your new home.
    The colors sure are beautiful this time of year.
    Soy bean and corn is what is grown around here by me too.
    Nice old magazines.

    1. Hi Karen, we have been really having fun over the last two weeks. Mum has always spent time at all of our homes so matter where we lived and I didn't want that to change though as she has gotten older it is harder for her.
      Interesting that we have the same crops as you do Karen.
      Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. What beautiful countryside you have. It seems that however big or small your town is, there is plenty of country near or even in it. I'm envious!

    1. It is gorgeous around Brighton. I've been very blessed in my life to live in smaller rural towns for the most part. I need nature daily in my life. I wouldn't be very happy living in a big city!

  4. Lovely leaf colour everywhere! And I can't resist old barns and sheds.
    Nice that your Mom could come and see your new home.
    We had lovely weather until around 3 when the sky grew very dark and about 45 minutes later the heavens opened and we had a hard rain.

  5. Hi G.M, hope you are having a good weekend.
    If I was more daring I would go have a good nose around that old shed!
    Hope you returned to lovely weather. We are supposed to improve on Sunday.

  6. Hi! Since you visited my blog, I thought I'd drop by your's. Beautiful pics. I have to say that I also love the sound of a train whistle. We lived in Florida our first 2 years out of college and we had a train track almost in our backyard. I've never lived in a small town, but agree that being close to nature is a good thing.

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Our former home was close to train tracks too. When my parents came to visit my Dad said he slept so soundly. He had awakened in the night, heard the train whistle and though he was back on the farm. We are loving living in our little town!

  7. How beautiful the tress are looking, such lovely colours xx

  8. I like the sound of a train too. A railroad ran in front of my grandma's house way back in the late 1940's and I remember sitting in the swing on the front porch, listening to the train. That white cat is beautiful! Glad you and Chuck have enjoyed October together...it is beautiful there.

    1. We have been very fortunate to have such great weather pretty well the whole time Chuck has been off. But I think it is ending shortly!
      People seem to love or hate train whistles. Glad you have a good memory of the sound too!


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