"I Want to Marry a Lighthouse Keeper"

 I mentioned in my last post that Chuck and I would be heading to Presqu'ile Park for an Arts and Crafts show Wednesday afternoon. After lunch we headed out. The last time we have visited the Park was probably 25 years ago. It was not a good experience. A neighbour told us about the Park so one Summer day we visited. The same neighbour told us to walk the Marsh Trail. Big mistake! The bugs were so bad we were eaten alive. So we weren't rushing to repeat the experience. I am very glad we finally went back Wednesday and we will be visiting again. The road into the Park is beautiful and long.
We had a quick look through the Christmas crafts but we really wanted to visit the Lighthouse Centre to view the art of a couple of local artists. First up though was a walk along the beach. As you can see it was sunny but it was a tad cool. The beach was littered with these little clam (?) shells. You crunched when you walked!
 We had the beach to ourselves. It was lovely.
It felt good to walk on sand again. It has been a few years.
There was a rock jutting out of the water for Chuck to stand on.
Picnic table buried in rocks.
The water is so clear you can see the different layers of rock.
The sky was so blue.
The Presqu'ile Lighthouse. There is no way I could tell you the whole history of it. You can read about it here. The lighthouse was built in 1840 and has a very interesting history.
This is the Lighthouse Keepers Cottage. It was not built until 1846. Where did the keeper and his family live until then? I couldn't imagine them living in a tent with our cold, snowy winters especially right on the shores of Lake Ontario! You can read about the cottage here.
I love the shutters with their original hooks.
We had a wonderful afternoon and walked for quite awhile. We will be back.
This is what was waiting for us when we got home.
Treats were handed out and quick snuggles were given. Sweet Pea gets along with everyone and Snowball is pretty calm too. Not yesterday! I imagine they had been waiting some time for their treats and Snowball was a little crabby. Two seconds after I took the above photo she walloped Sweet Pea on the head. He looked very sad and ran away. Snowball then finished off his treats.
At the Art Show we visited with one of the artists. He is Doug Comeau, an old military friend of Chuck's. He shows his artwork at the Lighthouse Gift Shop (among other places) and some of the proceeds from the sale of his artwork go to the Lighthouse Preservation Society. We couldn't resist this drawing and it will be hung in our bedroom where we will see it everyday and remember the day we bought it.

Sorry such a long post but I wanted to share our day with you.
Hope you have a good one!


  1. What a beautiful day you had, Robin. The last time I was at Presqu'ile Park was with Mike and Lynn and my ex, so that tells you it was a LONG time ago, close to 20 years. It was beautiful then, and I remember the lighthouse.

    The artwork is lovely, he's very talented! How marvellous he was there and you were able to buy one of his pieces.

    Hopefully Snowball will be a bit more tolerant today. LOL. Poor Sweet Pea. :-)

    1. Kim, next time you are here we will make time to go to Prequ'ile.
      Snowball was a little more tolerant of Sweet Pea today. No walloping just hissing! I made sure all the treats were shared.
      See you soon!

  2. Oh what a wonderful place to spend the day. Lovely walk along the beach and to have it all to yourselves was a great bonus. Amazingly clear water.
    Love the lighthouse and the cottage. Those red shutters, windows, door, and trim is gorgeous.

    1. Hi Karen, we were very lucky to have the beach to ourselves. I am sure the people coming for the craft show wondered who the two nuts were frolicking on the beach. I would much rather be outside than inside!
      The cottage was lovely. Inside it has be totally renovated to accommodate the two artists that work there so nothing is left of the original cottage. Too bad!
      Have a great weekend!

  3. Thanks for taking me along to your lighthouse! I will go check out those links later. I'm glad your experience now was not like last time. Those darn bugs can make life miserable.

    1. Hi G.M glad you enjoyed the photos. I can't wait to go back in the Spring when the migratory birds start coming back. The park has two special weekends when the migration is at it's peak. So much to do there. We will be back before the snow flies to hike on some of the trails.
      Have a good weekend.

  4. Thanks for stopping by!
    I've been to Presque Isle twice. Once when I rode a motorcycle and once as an exhibitor at that show.
    It's still a beautiful place. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks for popping by. How interesting that you have visited Presqu'ile too.
      Glad you enjoyed the photos!

  5. It sounds like a beautiful day =) I love the shimmery light lines in the water.
    I'm shaking my head at grumpy Snowball! Poor Sweet pea.
    Love your framed picture.

    1. It was a lovely day. I was more interested in being out on the beach then the craft show! ;)
      Usually Snowball is pretty tolerant of other cats but I guess her stomach was winning out and her patience was done. Sweet Pea is the only one that comes in the house so don't feel too sorry for him!
      Have a good week.

  6. Ah, a beautiful day it looked. I always had a hankering to be a lighthouse-keeper. When I was younger, I would see jobs advertised in the newspaper classifieds for a 'light-housekeeper'. I was very disappointed when I discovered the difference.

    I think the keeper and his family probably lived in the lighthouse until the cottage was built. When keepers were single, they usually lived in the different storeys of the lighthouse, I think. In any case, an envious life, in many ways.

    1. Yes I can see the appeal of being a lighthouse-keeper. I tend to be a bit of a loner so I could see myself in that sort of job. That and being able to be beside water all the time would be wonderful.
      You made me laugh out loud with your line about being disappointed about light-housekeeping.
      I did do some further reading and you are right about the families living in the lower part of the lighthouse.
      Have a good week.


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