"Keeper of the Key"

Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful so Chuck and I headed out early for our walk. The weather was to turn cooler and snowier by later in the day so we decided to go for a LONG walk. We headed out to the other side of town. Cooey Metal Products was a company operating here from 1941 to 1989. They made "utility metal furniture" meaning folding tables and chairs. More than likely you have sat or eaten at one of their products if you live in Canada.
This warehouse is all that is left of the company.
The company declared bankruptcy and closed amid much environmental troubles.
On a happier note our town has decorated for Christmas as the Santa Claus Parade was Friday night.
So many lovely window boxes along Main Street.
The bandshell behind is beautifully decorated too. I will pop over one evening and get some better photos.
I have mentioned before the story my Mum tells about collecting milkweed pods during the Second World War. The fluff inside was used for life preservers.
Beautiful sunrise.
A few flocks of Canada Geese flew over as we walked.
This tractor was for sale. I believe it was a 1953 model.
By now our stomachs were growling so we headed home for breakfast.
With the abrupt change of weather we decided to finish cleaning up the yards and gardens. Our town picks up your garden waste once a month but the pickup isn't for another ten days. We loaded up the car and took it down to the Landfill site ourselves. On the way I noticed many farms had cleaned up their crops too.
We had to wait a little while in a line up as other people had the same idea of getting rid of their yard waste. This large mountain of trash loomed in the distance. There is a long winding road you drive up to get rid of your junk. Luckily the yard waste site is nowhere near there. Even so it was pretty smelly!
Back at home the critters were stocking up.
Sweet Pea and Chuck having a chat through the window.
Goldfinch snacking on a sunflower seed.
Chickadee doing the same.
 We also did a quick march through Proctor Park Conservation Area. We met three other people and two very friendly dogs. This time I didn't stop and take many photos and we finished the trail in an hour instead of the two hours it took the previous time.
Ugh! Sunday mid day this was the view outside the kitchen window. After a quick early morning walk before the snow we spent the day inside. I was baking and Chuck was painting. The freezer is full and the upstairs hall is painted.

I hope everyone has a good week.
Stay warm!


  1. It's lovely to see all the holiday decorations. They provide a bit of cheer in an otherwise dreary time of year (i.e. winter).

    I don't remember your story that milkweed pods were used in life preservers. And I probably won't remember after I finish commenting either. LOL.

    I especially like that field shot. I think it reminds me of Gaspé, growing up, and our neighbour's empty fields, edged by trees. Lots of crows for Mandy (dog) to chase. Oh, how I miss having space, having breathing room!

    Anyway, I see Sweet Pea has filled out, thanks to you! How did you guys get on with the kitty shelter and where did you put it? Where you hang your clothes (thinking that might be a protected spot).

    Have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine. (I hope it melts this snow!)

    1. It is lovely to see all the decorations. Pretty well everyone, residential and commercial, along Main Street have decorated.
      As we were driving up to the landfill we saw a number of farmers were harvesting the corn but I couldn't get a decent shot. The field photo was the only one that turned out.
      Sweet Pea is larger as I found out when I picked him up the other day. He doesn't come around as much as he used to.
      We put the kitty shelter under the seat thingy at the side of the house by where I hang our clothes. It is protected there.
      The sun has melted a bit of the snow already. I hear we are to warm up later in the week so it SHOULD be gone.
      Take care. Kim.

  2. Neat picture of the old lock.
    Our town have put up some decorations too.
    My favorite picture today is of the goldfinch!!
    I've posted a picture of a milkweed pod too today.

    1. Hi Karen, I kept forgetting to bring my camera when we walked past this old warehouse. I love the old lock too and wanted to share it with all of you. It was pure luck getting the goldfinch shot. He rested there for a minute or so and I was able to get a few good photos.
      How many times is it now we have posted a photo of the same thing on the same day???

  3. So much to look at on your walks. People generally don't start decorating till December here, I love to see all the twinkling lights xx

    1. Hi Cheryl, there is very much to look at on our walks. Especially when we walk through the conservation area. It seems to get earlier every year that the Christmas decorations go up.
      Have a great week!

  4. As usual, your pictures are wonderful. Robin, I've been missing your posts and just realized you are missing from my blog list. I'm sorry. You know, I accidentally deleted my blog list and have been adding all the names back. I can do some pretty dumb things on the computer. :)

    1. Thanks Henny! Don't worry about it! I know nothing about computers. Chuck helped me, Kim helped some more and other bloggers did too. I just think it is wonderful we can all keep in contact whether we live a block away or a country away.
      Take care!

  5. You have green grass, then snow, then the snow melts. You'd think it was the end of November or something. Do Goldfinches stay around all winter in your area? I was surprised to see this one this late.
    Hope you're having a great week..

    1. I think the goldfinches are around the feeders more in the winter than in the summer here anyway. I find I don't see them as much in the summer.
      Thankfully(after today) we seem to be heading back into warmer temperatures. Not ready for snow yet!


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