"Marching Through The Fog"

Yesterday was a day of errands here in Brighton and then in Trenton. As I was catching up on the news a Fog Advisory came up for our area. I popped my camera in my purse and headed out. After finishing my shopping in Brighton I headed to Trenton. There was a bit of fog in some of the fields but nothing too bad. I heard later from Chuck that when he left for work at 6:30 it was quite bad. It reminded him of the fog we had when we were living in Nova Scotia.
I drove down to Centennial Park and parked right by the Bay Of Quinte. This was the sight that greeted me. That is Prince Edward County in the distance.
By the time I finished my errands it had turned sunny. After lunch I headed outside to see what was still flowering in the gardens. This holly was very overgrown when we moved in. Chuck cut it back quite a bit and it rewarded up with new growth and an abundance of berries.
The hydrangea is pretty well finished. I believe it has been blooming since the end of July.
We have two Burning Bushes in the front yard. They don't look like much for most of the year but for two weeks in the Fall they are gorgeous.
My big pots of purple mums are just about done. They will shortly go in the compost.
This Bittersweet vine hangs over the fence between us and our neighbours Merv and Marina. Over the last few weeks Merv and I have been filling up my gardens with plants from his gardens. He wanted to thin many of his perennials and we were the lucky recipients of all the plants. The birds (and Sweet Pea) love to hide in the vine.
My yellow hanging basket of mums is still blooming nicely.
Merv did tell me what this yellow pine tree was that resides in another neighbours yard but I have forgotten. It hangs over the yards especially Mervs and he doesn't care for it. The needles don't break down and they clog up his beautiful koi pond.
Snowball kept me company pretty well the whole time. She is very sweet and gentle for such a huge cat. She stretched up on my leg and I thought my jeans were going to get shredded but she just very gently tapped my leg.
But her real love is Chuck. She stood at the sliding door meowing until he came out. She snuggled right down in his lap and kneaded (love pawed, making biscuits etc….) for ten minutes or so. She never once showed her claws.
Miss Kitty looks just disgusted with all this lovey-dovey business!
All the squirrel wanted was more sunflower seeds.

Chuck's work schedule has been finalized. He is working Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. So that leaves us lots of free time. This afternoon we are heading to Christmas at Presqu'ile, a lovely arts and crafts show. Hopefully I can take some photos!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. The fog over the water actually makes it look like a winter ice shot. (That will come soon enough!)

    Great shots as always. The holly is so festive. Will you take some inside for a bit of decoration?

    Snowball is such a lovely girl. I think it's sweet, that she adores Chuck. :-)

    Miss Kitty looks as I would expect a Siamese to look. LOL. Such an expression!

    Enjoy the arts and crafts show!

    1. I do plan on bringing in some holly at Christmas. Out bushes at our other homes never produced this many berries!
      Miss Kitty is sweet too but not very snuggly. She actually bopped noses with me a few days ago.
      I am hoping to be able to take some photos at the show. A couple we have been to recently don't allow it so we will see.
      Have a good day.

  2. Love the holly with the berries. That's my favorite of the day. : )
    We have the fog today and it's rainy too.
    I good day for inside.

    1. Hi Karen, glad you enjoyed the Holly photo. I was surprised when I looked closely at the Holly how many berries are on it.
      We have been having a run of sunny days and mild temperatures. Hope you get back to the sun too!

  3. I have never heard of a yellow pine tree. It looks pretty but I know all the pines and cedars shed needles and clog drains etc.. We are surrounded by assorted tall evergreens.
    Working 3 mornings a week is perfect. You get some alone time but there's lots of time to do things together.
    Could Snowball be any cuter? Just don't tell Miss Kitty I said so.

    1. Hi G.M, we think after looking online that the yellow pine might be a Tamarac.
      I do like the hours Chuck is working. I need sometime alone. I am a bit of a loner!
      Snowball is very pretty but she can be a fighter. Tonight she and Sweet Pea were eating side by side out on the deck. Sweet Pea (who loves everyone) got too close and Snowball clocked him one. Sweet Pea looked very sad and ran off. Miss Kitty is a loner and doesn't like any cats near her.
      Have a good evening!

  4. The foggy picture looked like it was taken from a plane of the clouds! The holly looks lovely, very festive xx

    1. it does look like that doesn't it? The sun was shining right in my eyes as I took the photo so I couldn't see what it looked like until I downloaded it.
      I am looking forward to cutting some of the holly to bring in at Christmas.
      Take care.


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