Wandering up to Warkworth

 Chuck received an email yesterday morning from a friend of ours containing a link to an antique radio for sale. When I saw the email I knew a road trip was coming soon. Chuck phoned the gentleman and we made arrangements to go look at the radio. Google Maps stated it was a 37 minute drive. Well, they don't take into account all the beautiful scenery you have to drive by. It ended up taking us one hour to get there.
We saw quite a few horse farms and many of the horses had on fly masks. The bugs are so bad now and all this rain we have had is not helping.
 We also saw quite a few sheep. These ones had just been shorn. I imagine they were quite happy to lose all that fleece in this heat!
 I just wanted to show you how green everything is with all this rain. It looks beautiful.
 This was the view when we pulled out of the gentlemen's driveway. What a beautiful view to look at every morning when you drive away.
 This is one of the radio's we purchased. It is a 1931 Philco. The cabinet is in very good shape considering it is all original. Chuck has already ordered a new grill cloth. The gentleman told us a visiting child stuck her fingers right thru it. In the back was a radio license dated 1947, possibly the last one bought for it.
 The gentleman threw in this radio when he found out Chuck was an antique radio nut. It is a 1928 Philco, the very first radio Philco produced. Normally a speaker sits on top but he did not have one. We will keep an eye out for one but they are pricey.
Here is one of the MANY chipmunks we have in our yard. His cheeks are full of maple keys.

Muggy and warm here today but we are supposed to get some more rain. The painting is progressing but Chuck took a break this afternoon. I abandoned him this morning to do the grocery shopping and have a mooch around the thrift store. As always I came home with a few books.

I hope everyone has a lovely day. Take care and thanks for stopping by!



  1. neat radio's. I got a little painting done today as well.

    1. Thanks Gill. Chuck is just finishing up the edging in preparation for rolling the walls tomorrow.

  2. Oh, those old radios, particularly the first, are fabulous! I know nothing about old radios, but they look very, very cool.

    Did you have any carrots or apples on hand for the horses? If not, take some the next time you're out that way! :-)

    1. Thanks Kim, we love them too!
      I did not take any carrots or apples. I definitely will next time. There is a pick your own strawberry patch close by that we want to visit on Wednesday so I will try to remember then. Have a good night!

  3. I had a Philco radio just like that one that was my grandmothers. We sold it a few years ago.
    Beautiful countryside on your drive.

    1. A lot of people seem to remember having old radios. We just love them. It is very pretty around here.


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