A quiet day today. Just some grocery shopping and then home. A few things to do around the house. Chuck wanted to get some outside painting done so when I left to go grocery shopping at 8:30 he was already hard at it.
He is painting what I call "The Chevy Chase Window" If you know the National Lampoon  movie "Christmas Vacation" you will know what I mean. He then went around and painted some other bit and pieces.
I had been hearing a funny crinkling noise out our bedroom window for the last few days. I finally looked out and saw this.
And here is the culprit! I assume he is looking for bugs. He has really shredded the birch bark.
Numerous Bluejays at the feeders, both bald and feathery.
You can always depend on Chippy being close by. I messed up downloading the photos and I can't write below the next photos except in the caption section. I really should learn more about computers!
I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. It has been a very peaceful weekend here. Take care.
Metro had fantastic deals on fruit. The strawberries were advertised in the weekly paper ad for $3.88 a quart but at the store they were advertised at $1.99 The peaches were $2.88 and the apples were free. (I forgot my bag on our morning walk!) All Ontario grown. I think my eyes are bigger than our stomachs. We will be eating fruit for every meal.
Bluejay just taking off!


  1. All great pics, my favourite being the woodpecker.

    Yes, I know the "Christmas Vacation" window! :-) That's my all-time fav Christmas movie, btw.

    Awesome score on all the fruit. You can always bake a crisp or make another pie. :-)

    BTW, I want a Chuck -- someone handy who's eager to tackle projects. (And who's reliable and who will work for a really good rate under the table. LOL.)

    1. Thanks Kim. Pure luck getting the woodpecker photo.
      I love the "Christmas Vacation" movie too. We watch it every year.
      I plan on freezing some of the fruit and we will eat fresh the rest. I do overdo it sometimes!
      You can borrow Chuck anytime! His rates are very good and he is very reliable. :)
      Take care Kim and hope everything goes alright at work today.

  2. That Woodpecker sure made a mess of your birch tree. I hope it doesn't kill it.

    All that fruit will be put to good use I'm sure. Do I see a peach pie in your future?

    1. The woodpecker is making a mess of the tree.I am assuming it is not doing any permanent damage. The tree is 50+ years old.
      We plan on eating about half the fruit and I will freeze the rest. I love making a peach pie in February and remembering when I purchased them in August!

  3. I am sure that the birch tree will be just fine. I don't think woodpeckers ruin trees but I don't know for sure. Tje pictures are all great. You have a great week.


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