Shower me with your love.

Well, when we have a shower! Here is where it will be eventually. There was a small problem with fitting the base in but with much consultations we finally decided how it would go.
 Look who came over for a visit last night. Oreo. Look how long the grass is! With all the heat and humidity who wants to spend an hour pushing a lawnmower around. With the cooler temps this week it will get done.
 Anyway she was in desperate need of a cuddle so I accommodated her.
 Very blurry but I wanted to show you how silly she looked. She was sitting beside me on the deck step with her tongue hanging out. What a goof.
 I put out some peanuts later on and this squirrel sat right on the deck rail and ate a couple.
 Richard is a wonderful worker. This is how clean he leaves the bathroom each night.
 Outside worksite. We are fortunate that it has not rained for a few days.
 With the cooler temperatures there is more activity at the feeders.
 I have noticed the red winged blackbirds are gone. First to come in the spring and first to leave in the fall.
I was reading up on cardinals too and learned the male and female only fly around together when they are mating. Otherwise they are solitary. I didn't know that but it explains why I haven't seen the male and female together lately.

The tilers are coming tomorrow to start tiling the shower. I am looking forward to seeing how that looks.  As always I will keep you updated.

Take care and have a nice evening.


  1. Richard IS very tidy! I wonder if he's that neat in his own home. :-)

    Oreo is a sweetie, and I bet she appreciates the "tv" too (i.e. all the birds and squirrels).

    I didn't realize the blackbirds were gone, though. I've seen (and heard) more geese lately, as they like to stop over in the park down off John Counter.Seems like they were just heading north.

    Take care!

    1. The inside of his van looked none too tidy so I imagine they are told to clean up well after themselves.
      Oreo does love to sit in our yard and watch all the birds and squirrels. I have seen her doing it a number of times.
      Sigh...I am seeing lots of geese too Kim. I love Fall but live with someone who does not as it is a lead up to winter.
      Talk to you in a couple of hours.

  2. How nice that Richard is so neat and tidy!!
    Love the picture of the mourning doves.

    1. We are very happy with all the workmen that have come so far.
      The mourning dove photo was just pure luck. I did not realize I got it with its wings spread out until I downloaded the photos.

  3. I must be a Cardinal ;)
    Love your photos or Oreo and the squirrel!
    The shower is going to be great!

    1. Hi Caren, thanks for your kind words.
      We will be very happy to see how the shower looks by the end of today.

  4. That's unusual to find a neat and tidy carpenter! I bet the shower will be fantastic.
    Neat shots of your feathered friends. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hi Terri, thanks for stopping by.
      We are very much hoping the shower will be fantastic.
      I do enjoy taking critter photos. I'm glad you enjoy them too.
      Have a great weekend too.

  5. I don't imagine Richard will be working tomorrow....or even the next weeks ( you did mention he was getting married on Sat., didn't you?)

    1. He is working next week! They are waiting and taking their honeymoon in January. He said they need the money as they have just purchased a home.


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