"What Are You Doing Sunday?"

Taking a long walk! We woke up this morning to cooler temperatures so we decided to take the camera and go for a longer walk. As we turned onto a road from the cornfields I swear I heard a kitten meowing. The further we walked the louder it got. Chuck and I checked the ditches expecting to find some kittens dumped in a box. I finally realized the sound was coming from a tree. It was a catbird! I have never seen or heard one before but I knew what they looked like. It was flitting around so fast I couldn't take a photo. The photo above  I took from the internet. Photograph taken by Debbie McKenzie.
Lovely morning but we are expecting it took get quite warm today. I love how the corn is in such perfect rows.
The Queen Anne's Lace is at it's peek here now. It smells lovely.
The cattails are perfect now too. I believe that is purple loosestrife behind.
Only could find one frog in the pond and he was rather difficult to spot. The pond is so stagnant and green with our lack of rain.
We walked for an hour and by the time we arrived home it was starting to heat up.
Do birds not have any feeling in their feet? How can this Mourning Dove stand on a hot roof?
Bluejay waiting for me to put out some peanuts.
The young Robin was a back for another bath.
Michael's was having a good clearance sale so I purchased these cute milk bottles and holder for $6.00. I want something for flowers for the kitchen table.
I am watering two neighbours gardens while they are away. These next few photos are from Toby and Oreo's parent's garden.
Mary loves purple flowers too!
Gorgeous, huge Rose of Sharon bush.
It had been so hot and humid this last month everyone and everything is exhausted! This black squirrel spent a good part of Friday morning lounging under one of our maples. I had put out some sunflower seeds and peanuts. Occasionally he would reach over and grab something and lie there nibbling.
This grey squirrel was flaked out on the deck railing. We don't have much shade left in our backyard as the maples lost probably two thirds of there leaves but the critters find what shade they can.

One week to go until our closing day. This week I buckle down and finish packing.

Have a wonderful week.


  1. That black squirrel looks like it's melting right into the ground. I know how s/he feels!

    A catbird! I've never seen one that I know of, and don't know their call. Though it's possible I've heard one and not recognized it.

    Love your bird shots, as always. Maybe they don't have feeling in their feet. Something to Google! The close up of the blue jay's feathers is great, and so it the action shot of the robin bathing.

    Great find on those milk bottles too. I didn't make it back to Michaels after my cursory look the other day, though I did note their fall floral items are in and on display now. Summer certainly is slipping by quickly. Just as well this year, with the excessive (IMO) heat plus drought.

    1. The squirrel was in no hurry to leave. Poor thing!
      More than likely you have heard one. They sound exactly like a meowing kitten. Our at least this one did!
      I will google to see if birds have feeling in their feet. Can't have too much, they run around bare feet all winter.
      I want to pop back to Michaels and take another look. They also had huge Halloween displays up too. Can't even think about that!
      Take care!

  2. Wow your photos are outstanding. Perfect shot of the catbird. I used to see a lot of them where I used to live only once in a while around here.
    That Robin was really getting a good bath. : )
    Love the milk bottles and the flowers.
    What am I doing this Sunday? - My morning walk. Then it's off to Sunday school and church, a relaxing afternoon and then back for the evening service at church.
    I love Sunday's. : )

    1. Hi Karen, we spent a couple hours this afternoon packing but pooped out as it is really HOT again today.
      It sounds like you spend Sunday's doing what you love to do. That's how it ought to be!

  3. We're having a cloudy day and took a long walk too. I was so zonked once we got home I fell asleep in my chair! We did see a variety of wildflowers but I was disappointed not to be able to identify them from the books I have. You would think it would not be that hard.
    To the best of my knowledge I have never seen a Cat bird either.

  4. Hi G.M, everyone should nap my Dad always said! I recently picked up a wildflower book and find I am paying closer attention to the "weeds".
    I was very happy to see the catbird but it was only afterwards that I thought I could have put my camera to the record setting and at least get the sound of the bird.

  5. These photos just made my Monday morning!! So beautiful!!! You capture the best shots! Love the idea of putting plants in the milk bottles, so pretty! I never knew that a Catbird meows!!! How cool is that? Have a great week! catchatwithcarenandcody

    1. Hi Caren, glad you liked the photos. It was surprising how much a bird can sound like a cat!
      Have a good week too.

  6. Your pictures are lovely! I hope you got as much rain as we finally did this week. Love that catbird.


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